Month: February 2020

Jenny Station Apartments

UPDATENew article posted May 17th, 2021

A multifamily project called Jenny Station is under construction, offering condominium apartments starting at $169,000. Located at 2434 SE 92nd Ave, The new three-story apartment building will have 15 units and a detached trash enclosure. Each floor will have three two-bedroom units and two one-bedroom units. Access to the second and third floors will be through 2 exterior stairwells on the northside of the building.

Plans call for access to the property to be protected by steel gates. Only one unit, the front first-floor unit 101, will have direct street access. All other units will have gated access. Each two-bedroom unit on floors two and three will have a small 36 square foot (sq ft) deck. The rear two two-bedroom units on the first floor will also have a 36 sq ft deck.

The majority of the two-bedroom units are just under 840 sq ft, and the one-bedroom units are between 410 sq ft and 486 sq ft. No off-street parking is included. These should be desirable apartments in a central location. Just off SE Division and near I 205, there is quick access to bus and Max lines. These units will attract a healthy mix of families and individuals, in what is becoming a nice stretch of SE Division.

  • UPDATE – Added construction images, pricing and link.

PDX Cookie Co. Grand Opening

UPDATE: They opened, the opening day featured here.

While walking along Stark, anyone accompanied by a child or someone with a sweet tooth, has been notified about the opening of PDX Cookie Co. Often by a shout and some finger pointing by your walking partner. There is a general excitement about having a sweets shop open in Montavilla town. This will be a juxtaposition to the bars and restaurants that dominate that stretch of Stark Street.

Located at 7919 SE Stark Street, they will be celebrating their grand opening March 7th and 8th. They will open their doors at 10 AM but close as soon as they sell out. Make a plan to swing by early to buy something or just view our newest shop.

Mega Gas Station

Work will soon begin on the expanded Shell gas station at the corner of NE 82nd and NE Glisan. The former Pizza Hut lot has been combined with with the existing gas station to form a massive single property, 611 NE 82nd Ave.

Building permits are already in review for construction of a “new convenience store with walk-in coolers and freezer, restrooms, kitchen.” Early Assistance documents were submitted when the address had been 515 NE 82nd Ave and indicated all structures, on the combined properties, would be replaced. “Scope of work includes removal of existing convenience store, fuel canopy, fuel dispenser islands and restaurant. Construction of a new convenience store, fuel canopy and 4 fuel dispenser islands, landscaping, curbs and paving. Existing underground storage tanks to remain.”

The Size of the new lot would allow for a phased construction schedule and it would be possible for the gas station to remain open during construction. However the actual project plans are not publicly known at this point. When done, this will change the appearance of the intersection, hopefully for the better.

Stein Haus Property

UPDATE: The Stein Haus main building will be saved.

The building that housed Stein Haus bar, then other businesses and again Stein Haus bar, is being torn down. Permit 19-253142-000-00-RS calls for the building at 2366 SE 82nd Ave to be removed. “Demolish single family residence with basement to be filled.”

The demolition is not surprising, as it has sat empty for nearly a year. With the neighboring property on SE 82nd Ave. being developed into Pacific Plaza, it was expected to be next for demolition.

CSS Properties LLC owns 2366 SE 82nd Ave, 2464 SE 82nd Ave, and the property behind it, 2410 WI/ SE 82nd Ave. The combined lots will become a large property with frontage on SE 82nd Ave, SE Division Street and SE 83rd Ave. CSS Properties LLC bought 2366 SE 82nd Ave 02/28/2019 when Stein Haus closed. Back in the middle of 2018, CSS Properties LLC had submitted a proposal for a $3,457,108 project at 2410 SE 82nd Ave. They wanted to build a one story commercial building. That project never proceed past the initial steps. Development of that project likely morphed into what is now Pacific Plaza.

The Stein Haus lot was not part of the Pacific Plaza project as submitted to the city. However, being owned by the same LLC would indicate its development will likely compliment the work being done adjacent to it at Pacific Plaza.

Cellphone Tower Upgrade

Although not the most exciting addition to the neighborhood, infrastructure can be just as impactful as a new building. The Cellphone tower located on the Public Storage property at 1621 NE 71ST Ave is getting a $15,000 upgrade. The towers are managed by Crown Castle and service national and regional wireless carriers. The full text of the application is below.

Application Number 20-120469 – Personal wireless service facility – application #3 – Tower: Replace (3) antennas and (1) fiber line. Remove (3) additional antennas, (6) radios, (3) amplifiers, (1) covp, and (6) COA. Relocate (1) ground mounted radio on to the tower. Ground: update equipment in existing support cabinets.

3 Fourplex Apartments on SE 89th

In a nice change of pace, a development at 2321 SE 89th Ave does not plan to demolish the existing house on the lot. In the request for a Pre Application Conference, the developer noted that the Single Family Residence (SFR) would remain. “Planned development to create three new fourplex apartments (with existing SFR to remain) to create a total of 13 units on the lot.”

The developer submitted case number 20-120342-000-00-EA on 2/19/2020. As this is a pre-application conference, the final project is not finalized and could still fail to materialize or change significantly.

Other lots surrounding 2321 SE 89th Ave have been split over the years to add other houses or apartments. They are Flag lots that create a front and back lot with a long driveway along the side of the front lot, leading to the back.

The fact that they will build 13 units on one lot is a testament to how badly Portland needs to increase residential units.

1924 House’s Modern Expansion

The house on 7642 SE Harrison Street is receiving a new modern design and an expanded footprint. The 1924 house is now unrecognizable from its original Craftsman form. Although the the brick support base for the porch columns are still present, all other angles of the original house have been replace. You can see from the Google Maps image below, the construction started as a two story expansion in the back of the home.

As the project progressed, the front of the house has been expanded and reshaped with many modern design elements. The Skillion and lean-to roof of the entry, sit taller and in front of the original roofline. This coupled with the siding panels around the front window and the glass paneled front door, restate the design goals for the house.

The remodeled house will certainly be unique on Harrison Street but at its core is a near 100 year old veteran house of Montavilla.

Taylor Court Grocery for Sale

The somewhat secret Taylor Court Grocery has existed just blocks away of Montavilla town for nearly 100 years. Located at 1135 SE 80th Ave, this neighbourhood grocery prevailed while almost all others have closed down. Owners Errol and Mel have operated the store since 1996. They are just the most recent operators of the grocery that first opened its doors in 1921. Four months ago the store, and adjoining house, were listed for sale. The combined business and house are listed at $950,000. As of yet, the property has not sold.

Many people have chronicled the history and community contribution of this special store. There is a great public interest in who will buy this property. Finding a buyer who is interested in running the Taylor Court Grocery will be difficult. It is not often that a store can last 100 years in the same location, even more rare for that store to be a low margin business like a grocery. On top of all of that it is not on a main street and best serves pedestrians. It is just as likely to be sold to someone interested in developing the lot for other purposes.

I think everyone hopes that the new owners will see how special the store is and keep it in operation. One way or another, Errol and Mel have done a great job keeping the store going and deserve to pass it along and start their next chapter in life. We will keep an eye on this property, and should the Taylor Court Grocery close it doors, I hope the new owners will let the community save the sign and preserve this part of Montavilla history.

NOTE: Several readers requested that this story be covered. If you have any ideas or information, please email

SE 80th Greenway

Work is well underway for the street and sidewalk improvements that are part of the SE 80th Avenue & Mill Street LID project. This project will stretch along SE 80th Avenue from 100 feet north of SE Grant Street to SE Market Street. The project will create sidewalks with modern pedestrian friendly intersections. Road improvements will eliminate gravel roads on a long neglected stretch of SE 80th. SE Mill Street from SE 80th Avenue to SE 82nd Avenue will also be receiving the same improvements as SE 80th in this project.

SE Mill Street from SE 80th Avenue to SE 82nd

This work is an essential part of the Jade and Montavilla Multimodal Improvements Project. It will connect pedestrians and bicyclists to the SE PCC campus through a new Greenway that uses SE 80th for much of its path. The Greenway will also run right alongside Bridger School, adding to the useful orientation along SE 80th. Now more of the vulnerable travelers to PCC and Bridger can commute back away from SE 82nd Ave. Residents on these improved roads should also be excited for upgraded access to their homes.

SE 80th now splits around a cluster of trees, outside Bridger
SE Mill Street from SE 82nd to SE 80th Avenue

A Novel Take on Condominiums

Tucked one street back from SE 82nd Ave, is an uncommon condominium complex. Located at 1351 SE 84TH Ave, the site houses 8 distinct buildings. All are simulary built with an attached garage and are 3 stories tall. Real estate listings show they have 3 bedrooms, and 3 full bathrooms. Each is unattached and shares only an access road. As this is a condominium, residents pay a small HOA fee, about $30 per month, but otherwise coexist as 8 independent houses.

This development is not new, it was completed a few years back. However, it does demonstrative a different approach to the standard condominium. One that keeps the single family home feeling of Montavilla, while increasing density. It seems to be a good compromise to to the housing needs we have and avoids the large massed structures we are starting to see in Portland. As more commercial sized lotes become converted to residential properties, perhaps we will start seeing more of this type of development.