Montavilla News is a hyperlocal news site providing mostly positive observations on the changing landscape of the Montavilla neighborhood. Articles report on new or repurposed spaces and how that shapes the area.

We adhere to journalistic standards and do not receive compensation for any content presented here. Primary sources used in creating articles include verified eyewitness reports, government documents, and firsthand interviews with the subjects. Articles are written with links back to source material when available and have photographic support in most cases. The use of secondhand information requires two sources and is discouraged unless necessary. Corrections made to factual elements of the story will be noted at the end of each article. A strict disclosure policy is in effect for any potential conflict in objectivity an author may possess.

Montavilla News is a non-commercial project. If anyone finds something published objectionable or inaccurate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@montavilla.net first before seeking any other resolutions.

Sponsors and Subscribers

We greatly appreciate the support of the community. Although no longer in print, running Montavilla News has costs. Paid subscribers and Supporting organizations help keep the publication going. If you would like to contribute, please see the Montavilla News Patreon.


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History of Montavilla News

Montavilla News existed as a printed news publication in years past. The original version of Montavilla News began around 1912 but went out of print some years later. By the 1950s, Montavilla News returned with a mailed circulation of 11,000. That version of our publication ceased printing as well. The current version of this organization has no direct ties to the previous owners. However, it is with great respect for past incarnations that we use the name Montavilla News.

Other Reading

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If you enjoy reading about development but wonder about projects outside of Montavilla, Next Portland is a great resource for following Portland construction news.

To see what bike and public transportation improvements are in the works, you can scan through BikePortland.

Patricia “Pat” Sanders writes well researched articles about Montavilla history. A collection of her work can be found at Village Portland.

The Montavilla/East Tabor Business Association (METBA) offers a useful listing of businesses in Montavilla.

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association has early access to land use notifications and community projects. The meeting minutes and recordings are available at the website.

Montavilla News mailing Address: 19 SE 78th Ave, Portland OR 97215 – Office is closed to the public, please schedule an appointment by sending an email to info@montavilla.net