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Apartments Replacing Cinderblock House on SE 80th

The cinderblock home at 235 SE 80th Avenue is boarded up and fenced off, awaiting demolition. After crews remove the 1949-era single-family residence, the new property owners will construct a three-story apartment building. The new structure will support 11 units of housing. Eleay Properties bought the house in 2019 and started the permitting process to build the multifamily development. Tenants, who have occupied the property since its purchase, have moved out ahead of the impending work.

In addition to the new housing, the developer will plant a new street tree and construct a carriage walk – a small cement path in the furnishing zone that bridges the planted gap between the sidewalk and curb, allowing people to exit a vehicle without stepping on the grass. An Early Assistance application for the project scoped 12 units and seven parking spaces. However, the submitted permit application text does not mention parking and proposes one less apartment. Expect to see demolition occur in the early part of the year.

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Deconstruction and Development on NE 91st

Exterior work is wrapping up on a pair of connected homes at 380 NE 91st Avenue and 384 NE 91st Avenue. Demolition crews are actively deconstructing the 1925-era single-family residence next door at 400 NE 91st Avenue. The developer of these related projects, FX Homes, will replace that structure with two single-story townhouses.

This multi-residence development sits across the street from Columbia Christian School and is adjacent to the educational institution’s accessory parking lot. Each dwelling under construction shares a fifteen-foot common wall, forming an “H” shaped duplex. The homes are on individual lots and can sell separately. Each 998-square-foot house has a covered front porch. The entryway leads into a living room with a gas fireplace. The “C” shaped kitchen sits behind that, with a dining nook in the portion of the home that pushes towards the neighboring connected house. A hallway leads past a pantry and laundry closet to the back of the home. The middle of the building has a ten-by-eleven-foot bedroom and a full bathroom. At the back of the houses, designers created the “Owners Suite” with an attached 3/4 bathroom.

380 NE 91st Ave and 384 NE 91st Ave nearing completion

Interior work on the buildings under construction should conclude in the next few months, with the homes hitting the market sometime this year. After workers remove the nearly 100-year-old house, crews will begin working on the next townhouses. When completed, four new residences will have replaced a single-family dwelling while blending into the scale of the neighborhood.

Original house at 400 NE 91st Ave mid-deconstruction

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Large Mixed-use Development on NE 102nd

Update (January 27th, 2023): In January, crews began clearing the overgrown fields of a new housing development at 811 NE 102nd Avenue. Wood chippers mulched felled trees while fence repair staff replaced broken barriers around the construction site. Recently, demolition crews removed an old dental clinic at 887 NE 102nd Avenue, the last remaining structure on the vast property.

The site will support a 200-unit mixed-use development. Six buildings along NE 102nd and NE Pacific Avenues will contain approximately 10,549 square feet of commercial space and 11,280 square feet of residential amenity area on the ground floors. Residential units are planned on the two floors above. The developer intends to include twelve multi-dwelling residential structures inside the housing complex accessed through a private road. Those buildings will provide one to three-bedroom units. All buildings will be three stories tall. The facility will provide 145 surface parking spaces in the site’s interior.

Original article published August 2nd, 2022

Tomorrow, Portland’s Bureau of Development Services (BDS) will conduct a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a mixed-use development at 811 NE 102nd Avenue. The developer’s proposal includes 199 housing units and approximately 22,000 square feet of ground floor commercial and residential amenity space. The eighteen proposed buildings at the site are up to three stores tall and offer a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom units. 

The development’s commercial spaces are concentrated along NE 102nd Avenue, wrapping around the corner of NE Pacific Street. Developers will locate residential amenity space along the remaining street frontage of NE Pacific Street. Perpendicular parking spaces line the private streets throughout the complex, hidden behind the mixed-use buildings along the property’s edge. 

Residents will access parking from NE 102nd Avenue. However, the project has a 32-foot-wide dedication on the property’s southern edge in alignment with NE Oregon Street. That indicates a forthcoming road extension connecting NE Oregon Street with NE 100th Avenue after the David Douglas School District redevelops its adjacent property to the west. That would allow additional vehicle access to the site.

This large project would trigger sidewalk improvements, creating a fifteen-foot-wide pedestrian zone along NE 102nd Avenue and NE Pacific Street. This project is within walking distance of the Gateway Transit center and across the street from Fred Meyer Grocery. Although this location has sufficient bus and Max service, the project includes 148 parking spaces.

This mixed-use project is in early development, and the design will likely change before the developers submit permit applications. However, this long-vacant lot could soon become the home for many people seeking housing in this area. Expect to hear more about this site in 2023 as plans begin to take shape.

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Mass Timber Affordable Housing on NE Glisan

Site work is underway for a new eight-story mixed-use building at NE 99th Avenue and Glisan Street. Designed by Access Architecture of Vancouver, WA, the building is named TimberView due to its predominantly wood-framed construction and scenic top-floor outdoor terrace. The mass timber structure will provide 105 affordable housing units with ground-floor commercial space.

Located in Portland’s Gateway District, this property occupies a 9,583-square-foot corner lot that once supported a single-family residence. Demolition crews deconstructed that house and detached garage in 2012. Heavy equipment recently leveled the ground, preparing the land for imminent construction. Additionally, workers removed some large trees from the property this week. However, several new street trees will surround the site after crews install the wider sidewalk as a part of this project.

TimberView building, rendering courtesy of Access Architecture

Developers working in the Gateway District create projects with larger urban-scale designs that emphasize public transportation and efficient use of land. The scale of the new structure will match the adjacent building on this block, all built within the last decade. The bar-shaped building will relocate the site’s entrance from NE Glisan to 540 NE 99th Avenue, in the center of the building. When completed, this mid-rise tower will offer a full range of apartments, from Studio to three-bedroom units.

Expect construction work to begin soon with cranes lifting cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor panels atop glue-laminated timber beams and columns. This type of construction can assemble faster than other projects using concrete. Vendors create many elements of the building’s structure off-site, facilitating a quick assembly at the property. When completed, this site will provide a healthy addition of affordable housing.

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Post Fire Rebuilding on SE 84th Ave

In February 2022, a fire consumed the second story of the 100-year-old home at 1502 SE 84th Avenue. Now the owners are rebuilding from the ground up, trying to complete a project they started a year ago. Eventually, the site will support a two-story house and a pair of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

Julie Lais and Levi Lais bought the 1919-era home in early January 2022, intending to refresh the old craftsman house. The building sat atop an unfinished basement, and the property included a detached garage. This additional space offered the couple space for two ADUs that would provide income for the family. Their children attend school within blocks of the house, and this location would have met their desire for a classic Portland home in a walkable community. As a licensed Oregon real estate broker, Julie Lais recognized the quality of this home with its fir floors, hand-crafted built-ins, and leaded glass windows. “It’s a really sweet house that you could tell had been loved for a few decades, even though it was a rental prior to us purchasing it,” said Lais.

House prior to fire from Google Maps

However, a month into cleanup work at the house, an electrical fault changed the couple’s plan. “In February, while we were still doing some cosmetic updates, there was a bathroom fan that we believe was the source of the fire,” explained Lais. Flames spread throughout the top floor and began burning through to the main level when Portland firefighters arrived on the scene. The fire crews extinguished the flames, but smoke and water damage destroyed everything else, leaving nothing to salvage. Fortunately, the asbestos siding kept the fire contained to the inside of the structure. No one was living in the home yet, but they had insurance. However, the Lais family would soon discover the shortfall of insurance coverage.

A slow insurance payout delayed rebuilding for the better half of a year without compensation for lost funds. This location was not the Lais family’s primary residence at the time of the fire, so a loss of use coverage would not apply to this incident. Insurance would have covered lost rent if it had been a rental for at least six months, but the house was vacant and new to the couple. It was unfortunate timing, leaving them responsible for all the bills without support. “We’ve just been paying the mortgage on the hole in the ground,” said Lais. Now that they have received the insurance money, they realize it’s insufficient to recreate the lost house. “You can’t rebuild with what the insurance company will give you,” explained Julie Lais. Crews will construct the replacement house with contemporary building materials and modern finishes to stay within budget, losing the classic craftmanship of the older home.

Elevations for new house at 1502 SE 84th Avenue courtesy Julie Lais

The new house will recreate the prevues layout of the first floor with a similar large front porch. They chose to update the second floor’s arrangement and build taller walls supporting a higher ceiling. Modern building standards required a new foundation for the basement. That space will remain unfinished. Eventually, it will host a one-bedroom apartment after the Lais family financially recovers from this current project. The detached garage will also support a one-bedroom, one-bathroom ADU. The detached garage is the last part of the original property and will remain on-site with a new purpose.

276 E 84th Street – Sanborn Map 1924

Although the demolition of the old home created a sense of loss for the Lais family, the support of the local community was helpful during a difficult time. “We have met many neighbors in the process, and they have all been very kind and encouraging,” said Julie Lais. Construction plans for the site have changed due to the fire, but they are trying to get back on track. They anticipate keeping the property but may rent it out instead of moving in. It is undecided. “Everybody has a plan until their house burns down,” remarked Levi Lais.

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6 Townhouses Proposed for SE Division and 76th

A recently purchased wooded lot at SE 76th Avenue and Division Street may soon host six new two-story townhouses. This 4,233 square foot parcel at 2401 SE 76th Avenue originally served as the side yard for the 1950-era home to its south. Five of the six residences will have an address on SE Division Street, with entrances opening onto a recently created TriMet FX2 bus platform. One unit is positioned with the front door on SE 76th Avenue.

Provision Investment Inc purchased this property in September 2021. It has changed hands twice since then and is currently owned by Montana Investments, a Limited Liability Company (LLC). That LLC has a single member, Andrey Bolokhovskiy, who also owns Provision.

For this site to support six homes, the developer would need to remove most or all of the trees on the property. That will significantly change the appearance of the corner and further transform SE Division into a constantly urban Street. This location will not offer onsite parking or curbside parking due to its proximity to a bus stop. However, housing in this location will have access to fast public transit right outside the front door of each new home. The permit applications still need to be approved, and the project could change before work begins. If approved, expect construction to start in the second half of 2023.

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Duplex with ADU on NE 74th

Over a year ago, demolition crews deconstructed the dilapidated 1910-era house at 524 NE 74th Avenue, leaving a vacant lot. Soon, work will begin at the site creating a two-story duplex with a single-story detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). This density development will provide a single attached garage as part of the duplex structure.

The main building will have an address of 522 NE 74th Avenue with the ADU numbered as 520 NE 74th Avenue. Recently project staff placed temporary no parking signs in front of the work site, indicating that construction in this area will begin relatively soon. However, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) crews will rebuild sidewalk corners and curb ramps at the nearby intersection with NE Glisan Street. Parking restrictions could be related to that infrastructure work.

The project site is located north of the Hour Glass Pub & Eatery’s parking lot and across the street from a warehouse. Although this property will contain three residences, it is zoned as Commercial Mixed Use 2 (CM2) and could have included substantially more housing with commercial units. Buildings in this zone can support four levels with a Floor Area Ration (FAR) of 2.5, allowing 15,000 square feet of development. As proposed, this development will blend in with the current residential stature of surrounding buildings while providing a healthy quantity of housing.

524 NE 74th Avenue before demolition
524 NE 74th Avenue after demolition in September 2021

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24 Apartments on NE Hoyt

Work is underway on two apartment buildings located in a dead-end section of NE Hoyt Street. Concrete crews recently completed the foundation for both three-story buildings. The 12 unit structures are mirror duplicates of each other, with their construction occurring simultaneously. However, each multi-family development will reside on separate lots owned by different companies.

Provision Group bought this property in September 2020. At the beginning of 2022, demolition crews removed the duplex at 9022-9032 NE Hoyt Street a year after applying for the permit to raze the 1959-era single-story building. Soon after crews cleared the property, the developer spit it into two new 50-foot by 95-foot lots. In July 2022, the owner sold each lot to separate Limited Liability Companies (LLC). D&B Properties LLC now owns 9050 NE Hoyt Street, and Hoyt Development LLC owns 9060 NE Hoyt Street. Provision’s owner, Andrey Bolokhovskiy, is a partner in the two new LLCs.

9060 NE Hoyt Street foundation

The buildings offer a total of 24 units up to 689 square feet in size, accessible through exterior stairwells. Each building has one set of stairs facing the street and a second set on the side of the structures accessed through a walkway between the buildings. Residents on the upper floors will have access to balconies from within the units. A development of this size will likely require new sidewalk and curb construction in front of both buildings. However, the properties on either side of this project lack modern street-side infrastructure, so the new pedestrian path will be underutilized until future redevelopment creates connections to the sidewalk.

Rental pricing is unknown at this time, but this could become workforce housing in a section of Montavilla recently seeing new density development. These apartments will provide homes for people just one block from NE Glisan Street and the number 19 TriMet bus. The Gateway Transit center is also within walking distance. This project exemplifies the type of middle-housing solutions required to meet Portland’s expanding demand for new residences. 

9050 NE Hoyt Street foundation

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Pair of ADUs Added on E Burnside

Crews recently completed foundation work for two detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) at 6 NE 74th Avenue. This pair of two-story structures will join a remodeled house built in 1926. Each ADU is 20 feet by 18 feet wide with two bedrooms, one full-sized bathroom, and one half-bath powered room. The corner lot will retain its legacy driveway access to E Burnside Street, one of the factors constraining the new buildings’ footprint.

The ADUs are positioned 12 feet east of the original single-story home but sit just four feet from each other. Because of their proximity, the new buildings will require extra fire protection on the wall facing its mirror twin. The first floor of each of the units is an open floor plan for living and cooking. Only a small bathroom, closet, and staircase take space from the main room. On the second floor, two bedrooms share a modest full bathroom. A stacked laundry closet on the second floor near the stairwell hides behind a bi-folding door.

Kova Development purchased this property in October 2021, with renovations beginning on the existing home in 2022. Crews replaced the roof, windows, and siding before completely renovating the interior. The new owners increased the habitable space in the main house by adding egress windows and insulated walls to the basement. At 750 square feet each, the ADUs provide a single-family-residence experience in an apartment-sized dwelling. When completed, this project will offer the neighborhood a marked increase in living space without demolishing an existing structure.

Although Portland needs much more housing than this development style can provide, this project can be a model for infill development. However, the next phase of city growth will likely include larger middle housing and require some demolition. Other projects underway in the area have already razed the structures from the recently purchased priorities and await building permits. As a corner lot zoned Residential 2,500 (R2.5), this could have become one of those projects featuring four townhouses. However, this owner saw worth in rehabilitating the existing building while adding more homes to the lot. Expect to see this project completed later this year.

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County Alternative Shelters Coming to SE 82nd Ave

In the second half of 2022, Multnomah County purchased two automotive sales lots in Montavilla along SE 82nd Avenue. At least one location will become an outdoor alternative shelter serving houseless Portlanders next year. The Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) is currently selecting a service provider to offer continuous on-site support for the residents. County staff anticipates a summer 2023 opening for the first location near SE Stark Street. The second location near Harrison Park is in an early pre-planning phase and currently leased to a recreational vehicle (RV) sales company.

In August 2022, Multnomah County purchased the former RV sales lot at 333 SE 82nd Avenue and posted a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) on November 2nd. In response to the NOFA, organizations interested in managing the shelter submitted applications ahead of the November 21st deadline, and the County is actively reviewing those proposals. JOHS staff have yet to determine the type of alternative outdoor shelter planned for 333 SE 82nd Avenue. The site could support either a safe park site for non-RV passenger vehicles or a village-style shelter with small freestanding shed-style Pallet shelters

Residents are pre-selected for both types of alternative shelters. These sites will not support drop-in services, and site operators will discourage unsanctioned camping around the property. County staff point to another JOHS-funded shelter in the neighborhood as an example of what they intend to create at this site. Beacon Village opened its 10-pod village to residents earlier this year near NE Glisan Street and has successfully housed a small group of formerly unhoused people within a church parking lot.

1818 SE 82nd Avenue

The second County-owned site is located less than a mile south of 333 SE 82nd Avenue at 1818 SE 82nd Avenue. The corner lot has access to SE Mill Street and is a block away from Harrison Park. Currently, the County is leasing the property back to its former owner. Recently acquired in December 2022, JOHS has yet to determine this site’s ultimate use, and Multnomah County staff cannot say when planning for this site will begin.

Outdoor alternative shelters are most commonly associated with a City lead collaboration between Portland and JOHS known as Safe Rest Villages. However, both County-owned sites are not being developed as part of that program. Jenka Soderberg, the program communications coordinator for JOHS, explained the primary difference between the two programs. “The Safe Rest Villages program was created apart from existing shelter efforts, with the City funding construction, though it does work with the Joint Office around contracting and other support.” These sites on SE 82nd Avenue will join the County’s existing alternative shelter program that began five years ago. “The Joint Office already funds and operates other alternative shelter sites and has done so since the Kenton Women’s Village first opened in 2017. Other shelters in that category include St. Johns Village, Beacon Village PDX, and WeShine’s Parkrose Village.” Said Soderberg.

The vacant half-block property near historic downtown Montavilla received new black chain-link fencing around its perimeter this December, supplanting the construction fencing that has protected the site since its sale. Over the next few months, construction crews will upgrade facilities at the site, creating resident amenities that include personal property storage, trash service, showers, restrooms, laundry, kitchen space, and social services. 

Image of 333 SE 82nd Avenue from Portland Maps

The County considers 333 SE 82nd Avenue temporary accommodations. With people staying only as long as it takes to transition into permanent housing or permanent supportive housing programs. However, according to Soderberg, the site will remain a temporary shelter location for the foreseeable future. “The plan is to operate a long-term shelter at the site, but like all programs, budgets must be approved by the County Board and City Council annually, and we would always want to ensure we’re able to evaluate the success of the program.”

During the first half of 2023, program staff will coordinate meetings, working with neighbors and area businesses to create a Good Neighbor Agreement. Through alternative shelters like the ones proposed for Montavilla, the County intends to initiate positive changes for villagers and neighbors currently experiencing unsanctioned camping. By creating a safe sleeping space for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness, program managers hope to build an environment that allows villagers to be part of the surrounding neighborhood. Employees will professionally manage the site at all hours of every day. People working with residents will provide support to address basic needs, including hygiene services, case management, and housing navigation. Residents will receive access to treatment for unmet behavioral health needs.

Neighbors within a half-mile radius of the site should receive a postcard in the mail informing them about this planned site use. JOHS will update the community when they decide on a program model and contract with a shelter operator. The village could open and accept participants as soon as workers complete construction. Still, that timeline depends on the shelter style selection and how soon site management can prepare staff. JOHS will provide updates to community organizations as those milestones come closer.

333 SE 82nd Avenue

Disclosure: The author of this article serves on the boards of the Montavilla/East Tabor Business Association, 82nd Avenue Business Association, and Montavilla Neighborhood Association. During that work, he drafted the Good Neighbor Agreement with Beacon Village and will likely participate in future community outreach for these Multnomah County initiatives.

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