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US Bank Branch Closing

Montavilla’s closest U.S. Bank branch is closing as part of a statewide reduction. Located at 6701 NE Glisan Street, the 1962 era branch is just outside the boundary of Montavilla. It, along with 26 other Portland branches, will close permanently on November 1st.

The Oregonian published the complete list of closures yesterday, announcing employees at those locations would lose their jobs. Many terminated employees are allowed to reapply for new roles within the company. This round of closures is a relatively large number for the Portland founded banking giant.

Safe deposit customers at this location have until December 1st to retrieve their items. Customers should call 888-713-9299 to arrange access to the safe deposit items.

United States National Bank Of Oregon owns the building on NE Glisan. It is unknown if the bank will sell the property. However, other recently closed U.S. Bank locations have sold after closing. The former branch at 3233 N Lombard Street sold this summer for $1,035,000.

The NE Glisan property spans the block’s entire width between NE 67th Ave and NE 68th Ave. Attached to this property are two full-sized residential lots fronted on NE 68th Ave. They currently provide parking for the bank. This property would be an ideal location for a multistory apartment building with some ground-floor retail. It is high on the Glisan hill, potentially providing excellent views on the upper floors. The site is adjacent to a Fred Meyer grocery store and walking distance from a Max station.

U.S. Bank customers that used this branch should consider visiting the location at 10220 SE Washington Street. Montavilla has very few banks in the area. However, the nature of banking has changed recently, thanks to technology making app-based banking more accessible. With some luck, this location will soon become a beneficial space for the community again.

1966 Stark Street Storefront for Sale

Located at 8826 SE Stark Street, the former home of Kings Hookah Lounge is for sale. This retail building has upfront parking and large windows extending across the street side of the structure. Just a few blocks east of 82nd Avenue, this location offers highly visible retail space.

The 2,556 square-foot building is listed for $749,995 by SVN Bluestone & Hockley. Before operating as a hookah lounge, Nip & Tuck offered custom pillows, cushions, bedding, drapes, and window treatments from this location. In 1994 a plumbing permit indicated this was a Grocery operated by Aziz Rolman. The building opened in 1966 by owner Bud Flor.

This property offers an attractive retail opportunity. Its parking lot could accommodate outdoor guests or food carts without too much alteration. It will be interesting to see who snatches up this building and what shop will open there.

Therm-O-Loc Relocates

A small office on NE Glisan Street sits empty. It had once been the location of Therm-O-Loc, a seller of Milgard doors and windows. Unlike other recent vacancies, this is due to expansion.

According to the Dorian Rady, owner of Therm-O-Loc, they outgrew the space on Glisan. The company recently relocated to a larger office on Airport Way. The new location is not yet open to the public. When completed, they will have a showroom for customers to visit. Their old office only allowed for a select number of samples.

Therm-O-Loc shared the space at 7920 NE Glisan Street with A to Z Blinds for over three years. The blinds company continues to operate from that location. Previously they used the whole building before subletting the small single room office to Therm-O-Loc.

It is unknown if A to Z Blinds will expand into the now vacant space or seek to sublet it once more. They remain open during the pandemic by appointment only, so more office space may not be needed. 

CrossFit Montavilla Closing

Over the weekend, CrossFit Montavilla announced they would be closing at the end of the week. The business has occupied 8040 SE Stark Street for over two years. Local businesses and customers are expressing their sentiments over the shutdown on the company’s Instagram.

According to the Instagram post announcing the closing, “COVID-19 realities” are the cause for the shutdown. Many businesses have struggled to operate profitably during the pandemic. Social distancing restrictions are more difficult for organizations that offer indoor services as they do.

CrossFit Montavilla brought many benefits to Montavilla Town through an upgraded shopfront and active customer base. Previous to CrossFit Montavilla‘s residence in the building, it was home to A-1 Foam Rubber. In its early life, Fred Meyers owned the building. Although all too short, CrossFit Montavilla’s time in the building was a positive mark on the history of that space.

Below is the text from CrossFit Montavilla’s Instagram post.

To all of our members and the Montavilla neighborhood…

We are grateful to have been given the privilege to form friendships and build community through health and fitness over the last 2.5 years Thank you for trusting us enough to invite us into your story. It has been an honor to partner with you, and to share life through daily ups and downs.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 realities we are facing, we will be closing our doors at the end of this week.

While we grieve this loss, we have many “wins” to celebrate. First and foremost, we celebrate each friendship made and relationship built, for these are lasting and go beyond the walls of the gym.

Let’s have a great, final week of workouts together!

Last Call for Pottery Fun

Pottery Fun on Stark Street is closing permanently. All remaining items in the store are for sale, starting this weekend. The sale runs from Noon to 4 PM on both Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th.

Located at 7821 SE Stark Street, Pottery Fun offered craft activities creating personalized painted pottery. The sale should include many craft supplies as well as some shop fixtures. 

Closing a decades-old business is a financial and logistical challenge. Support from the community in purchasing the items from the store will help with both difficulties. Consider a final visit to Pottery Fun this weekend to say thank you. Perhaps you will also find some part of Pottery Fun you want to take home with you.

Disclosure: The author’s daughter once worked at Pottery Fun.

Coworking Space Consolidated

Collective Agency has moved out of its coworking space located at 7819 SE Stark Street. This was one of three locations for the Collective Agency, and the only one that has been permanently closed. Customers of the coworking space, called Members, will now have to relocate to another location.

All three locations have been closed during the statewide restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Alex Linsker, the owner of Collective Agency, is keeping the Member community engaged with outdoor meetups, Zoom calls, movie nights, and soon a July 4th barbecue..

Member movie night

With a tagline of Coworking Spaces with Cozy Community, being open during the age of social distancing was not an option for the small Montavilla space. The Montavilla location would have been the hardest location to reopen, and “the Montavilla community is the least tied to a physical space.” Said Linsker. Closing the Montavilla location resulted in only three Members leaving.

Starting in Phase 2 of Multnomah County’s reopening, Montavilla Members will be able to use the location at 3050 SE Division Street. The downtown location will also reopen at the same time as the Division Street location. However, they are looking to sublease the space soon.

Downtown location with new spaced out configuration

Linsker describes the Montavilla Members as being “very” support of the changes needing to be made by the Collective Agency. The consolidation of locations seems like a sound business decision. Alex Linsker is a proponent of Small in this Together and hopes for some relief for businesses affected by COVID-19 closures. Regardless of what assistance businesses receive, tough choices are required. This closure is a prime example of the tough decisions many business owners are making.

Montavilla location after closing

Pottery Fun Closing on Stark

Pottery Fun is closing its store in Old Town Montavilla. For Rent signs are now posting in the window of the longtime staple of Stark street. Located at 7821 SE Stark Street, Pottery Fun offered craft activities for individuals and groups.

Pottery Fun temporarily closed March 16th, in response to COVID-19 containment efforts. The website and voicemail for Pottery Fun have not yet been updated to reflect any change in business location or closure of this location. They have been at this spot on Stark street since October of 2010.

During their years in business, Pottery Fun has been featured in both the Portland Tribune and SE Examiner. They will certainly be missed as a family-friendly entertainment option in the neighborhood.

Disclosure: The author’s daughter once worked at Pottery Fun, many years previous.

Sunlight Solar Closing Location

Sunlight Solar’s office and warehouse location, on East Burnside street, is closing. The building owners are now advertising that the space, at 7935 E Burnside Street, is available to lease. Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. continue to operate other locations in Oregon and elsewhere.

The commercial building is a located on the corner of E Burnside and NE 80th Ave. It is fronted on Burnside Street with a two car parking lot accessible from NE 80th. David Smith has owned this building since 2016. Smith bought it from his friend, who operated Watson Plumbing Company at this location.

The building was first constructed in 1990 and was more recently updated in 2016, just before Sunlight Solar Energy occupied the space. The building offers 3,000 sq. ft. of heated Warehouse space. It has two bathrooms and two offices. The office space is near 300 sq. ft. in size.

David Smith has already received interest in the space, however, he is looking for the right type of tenant. He describes the space as being ideal for a contractor or trades company, due to its two commercial rollup doors. Those doors make it easy to drive work vehicles inside, for restock and security. However, Smith is open to new uses for the building. It would be great to bring in an active business that is “helpful to the community and contributes to the area.” Said Smith in a phone interview.

This building is located at a nexus of car and bike travel. As 80th Ave continues to grow into a future Greenway, both bike and pedestrian travel is increasing along its roads and sidewalk. Burnside continues to be a well traveled path for bus and car transit. Sitting at such an intersection, would make in an ideal location for a Ghost Kitchen. That business being reliant on both bike and car couriers. When asked about posible uses for the space, Smith seemed encouraged by ideas like a Ghost Kitchen or other community serving businesses. “Perhaps the era of construction business is over for the building,” said Smith.

Smith has a long history of restoring or developing Portland buildings and has lived in the area most of his life. This is his only Montavilla property but his admiration for the neighborhood, keeps him engaged in future opportunities. He is excited to see what future business will take residence in his building, and is interested in how that business will support the neighborhood.

Business owners looking to lease this location are encouraged to call 503-695-5858, and speak to David Smith. As E burnside and 80th Ave become more active with businesses, this corner should play a significant role in the areas growth.