A Novel Take on Condominiums

Tucked one street back from SE 82nd Ave, is an uncommon condominium complex. Located at 1351 SE 84TH Ave, the site houses 8 distinct buildings. All are simulary built with an attached garage and are 3 stories tall. Real estate listings show they have 3 bedrooms, and 3 full bathrooms. Each is unattached and shares only an access road. As this is a condominium, residents pay a small HOA fee, about $30 per month, but otherwise coexist as 8 independent houses.

This development is not new, it was completed a few years back. However, it does demonstrative a different approach to the standard condominium. One that keeps the single family home feeling of Montavilla, while increasing density. It seems to be a good compromise to to the housing needs we have and avoids the large massed structures we are starting to see in Portland. As more commercial sized lotes become converted to residential properties, perhaps we will start seeing more of this type of development.