1924 House’s Modern Expansion

The house on 7642 SE Harrison Street is receiving a new modern design and an expanded footprint. The 1924 house is now unrecognizable from its original Craftsman form. Although the the brick support base for the porch columns are still present, all other angles of the original house have been replace. You can see from the Google Maps image below, the construction started as a two story expansion in the back of the home.

As the project progressed, the front of the house has been expanded and reshaped with many modern design elements. The Skillion and lean-to roof of the entry, sit taller and in front of the original roofline. This coupled with the siding panels around the front window and the glass paneled front door, restate the design goals for the house.

The remodeled house will certainly be unique on Harrison Street but at its core is a near 100 year old veteran house of Montavilla.