Construction Brings Better Curbs

The project at 7901 NE Glisan Street has created a nice byproduct for pedestrians walking down Glisan, or just trying to cross it. The sidewalk needs to be re-curbed as part of the construction and this work will include a curb extension.

For decades Portland has been encouraging safer sidewalks for pedestrians. Curb extensions are proving to be a good way to provide safety for pedestrians and allow drivers to have more visibility of people trying to cross streets.

The Administrative Rule for Curb Extensions provides a useful description of why they work. “Curb extensions decrease the overall width of the roadway and can serve as a visual cue to drivers that they are entering an area of increased pedestrian activity. Curb extensions also increase the overall visibility of pedestrians by aligning them with the edge of the parking lane and reducing the crossing distance for pedestrians, improving the safety of an intersection.”

As can be seen in the image above, the edge of the curb will push out into Glisan street beyond where parked cars would block someone trying to cross. Anyone trying to cross this street knows all too well how hard it is to be seen. As construction continues in this area, let’s hope more curb extensions are used.