Infill Home with Good Layout

The new infill residence at 1328 NE 76th Ave will complete construction soon. Building on split lots poses many challenges. It’s challenging to create a functional floor plan in such a long structure. At just 15 feet wide, any architect would find challenges in creating a comfortable home. This single family residence dose does many things well to make use of the limited width inside.

At the front of the main floor is a single car garage. Set back eight feet from the front of the house is the entryway. This setback has the advantage of reducing hallway length from the front door to the rest of the house. Just before reaching the great room is a small 1/2 bath, tucked under the U-shaped stairs. The bathroom is small enough to wash hands while seated but demonstrates the height of spatial efficiency. Just beyond the U-shaped stairs is the great room with a gas fireplace. Above the fireplace are hookups for a wall-mounted TV. The kitchen and dining area occupy the back of the first floor. A sliding glass door leads out to the back yard.

The master bedroom fills the front of the second floor. The ensuite contains a double vanity, separate shower, and soaking tub. Across from the ensuite is a double-wide closet. The ensuite wall and the closet doors form a ten-foot-long hallway to the master bedroom door. Having the hallway in the room gives the bedroom an extra level of privacy, even if the door is open.

At the top of the stairs is a shallow linen closet. The hallway stretches down the right side of the building, ending in a full bathroom, taking up the second floor’s right back corner. The left side, of the rear portion of the level, is split between two bedrooms and a laundry room. The Laundry room is between two standard bedrooms and backed against the closets for each bedroom.

The development is by Wilde Properties, who is a specialized builder of infill homes in Portland. For an infill house, they appear to have created a pleasant residence. Considering the constraints, they have done well packing in a fair amount of home into a small package.