Square Corner Lot

A square corner lot will soon house a three story single family residence with an attached one car garage. The property uses both 8933 SE Pine Street and 285 SE 90th Ave as its address. 8933 SE Pine is still the official address on Portland Maps and the Building Permit record is filed under the main address. However, the permit number 2019-225477 is addressed 285 SE 90th Ave.

Early Assistance was originally sought in mid 2018 for a “New single family residence with tuck under garage.” Two month later the property sold for $35,000.00 to Scot Harger. Michael Vaughn of Urban Revival LLC is developing the property.

These two have partnered on another Montavilla property being built by Urban Revival LLC. Applications to build both properties were filed around the same time, however it is unknown if construction will occur simultaneously.

This lot is bordered by one unimproved gravel road, SE 90th, and a partially paved road. Both roadways have no curbs or clear definition between public and private space. SE Pine is a staggered intersection through SE 90th. A defined corner would be helpful for drivers and pedestrians. With that benefit to the area, it would be preferable for the developers to build the curb and sidewalks as part of this development, as opposed to paying the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC).

Both streets surrounding 285 SE 90th Ave, are LTIC eligible streets. LTIC is a program designed to encourage developers to build curbs and sidewalks, where they do not yet exist. If the developer does not want to build that infrastructure, they pay the LTIC fee. That will end up costing the developer $600 per linear foot of street frontage. Except there is a set LTIC Maximum for R5 properties, like this one. It limits the footage used in the calculated fee to 50 feet. This could encourage the builder to not take on the hard cost of building a curb and sidewalk but instead pay the capped fee.

Although paying into LTIC helps improve Portland in whole, spending that money on these two street specifically, would be a targeted improvement to the area. Any development in this part of Montavilla would be welcome by the residents. However, enhancing the shared infrastructure around the property could be a good way to ingratiate the project with the neighbors and ensure they see it as an positive addition.