Harrison Park School Projects

Harrison Park School is coming to the end of an usual school year. School construction projects often wait for the summer months and in that way, this year is no different. The building, located at 2225 SE 87th Ave, has a few projects planned for it this season.

Application 20-148819 outlines the work needed at the school. Most of the work centers around a reroof of the entire building. To support safe work, they will need to install new ladders and fall protection devices. On the roof there will be new guardrails and access hatches added to the rooftop. General ceiling electrical work will be performed during that time as well.

Inside the school building, some bathrooms will be remodeled. They also will install new stairway guardrails for the mezzanine.

Although the repairs are not overly exciting, they are a welcomed part of keeping our schools productive. Whenever the Kindergarten through eighth grade students return, they should have a better school to comeback to.