Fire Damage Repair on Alder

Renovations of the single-family residence at 9341 SE Alder Street are well underway. The house suffered fire damage last year. Until recently, work focused on the interior of the structure. A recent permit application indicates a new phase of the project.

Permit application 20-225624 seeks to repair fire and water damage caused by the accident. The permit also addresses holes in the roof being patched. A complete re-wire of the home’s electrical system is in process. Permit 20-206197 covers that re-wire work and installation of new 200-amp service to the house.

New windows throughout the home are the only visible signs of renovation work at this location. However, soon work on the roof will signal the revival of this damaged property. Other exterior upgrades are likely as burn marks are still visible on the front door.

2011 listing for the property includes photos of the building’s interior before the fire. This damaging event looks to be a catalyst for positive changes to the home. When completed, this will be a fitting update for the 1949 era house.