The Heat is Coming

As Portland braces for the expected heatwave, groups adjust their schedule to keep people out of the sun during the hottest hours. Starting this Saturday, forecasters predict several consecutive days of above 100-degree heat. Consequently, people should make a plan to avoid heat-related disruptions.

To protect the health and safety of waste collection drivers, Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) announced a schedule shift for trash collection. Sanitation crews will begin routes at 5 AM on Friday, June 25, and Monday, June 28. This adjustment allows drivers to start during cooler morning hours, reducing exposure to extreme temperatures and potential health risks. Residential customers should move their garbage, recycling, and compost bins to the curb the night before their collection day. Early pickup may continue if extreme temperatures persist. Check the BPS website for updated information.

SOLVE Oregon’s Pick It Up, Portland! event is adjusting the start time for some cleanups to make sure participants complete work by noon. In some cases, organizers canceled afternoon events altogether. Volunteers should check the SOLVE website for any changes to their event and come prepared for high heat while cleaning. Event organizers will have shaded areas and access to water for attendees.

Some businesses without air-conditioning are electing to stay closed during the heatwave, particularly food cart vendors that have difficulty staying cool during typical summer weather. Other locations are taking advantage of indoor seating and AC to draw in customers that have, until recently, been unable to eat indoors. When planning to eat out, make sure the location is open, and that shaded seating is available.

Much like snow, Portland can grind to a halt in extreme heat. People will need extra patience and understanding as businesses make adjustments to schedules to keep everyone safe. Make a cooling plan for yourself and look out for others who may not have the ability to stay cool on their own.

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