DB Dessert Company Closes Montavilla Location

This month, DB Dessert Company removed store signage at 6824 NE Glisan Street after recently closing its original Montavilla retail location. The bakery began its brick-and-mortar operations from this space in 2018. Since then, they have launched two new Portland locations that will remain open.

During its four years on NE Glisan, the dessert, pastry, and custom cake maker served a valued role in the community. DB Dessert Company quickly developed a positive reputation for made-to-order cakes and other sweet items. However, the brand’s popularity enticed founder Damala Badon to expand operations to other neighborhoods. As new locations opened, storefront hours at the Montavilla location sometimes became irregular.

Note displayed on DB Dessert Company’s 6824 NE Glisan Street door November 2021

Although predominantly a successful and safe space, on January 3rd, thieves broke into the Glisan Street location and vandalized the shop. That event did not deter Badon from reopening the shop to the public for an additional four months. Now the bakery is empty and clear of all DB Dessert Company branding. Customers are encouraged to visit the Alberta District location at 2624 NE Alberta Street or their Rockwood Location at 458 SE 185th, Suite 116.