NE 92nd Lot Split Street Ways

The new owners of 811 NE 92nd Avenue recently proposed splitting the corner lot into three parcels. An existing house built in 1925 will remain on the property contained within a 3,417 square foot lot. The property line adjustments will create a full-sized lot fronted on NE Oregon Street with 4,455 square feet. A small 2,103 square foot lot proposed north of the existing house formerly housed a detached garage. Demolition crews removed that structure, leaving only a foundation wall and concrete slab.

Although these property line adjustments will make space for several new homes, the developers have not filed permit applications for additional work. The owners of this property have taken care to retain the nearly 100-year-old home while making use of the underdeveloped property. The site slopes to the northwest but is otherwise ideal for additional housing. After the City approves the proposed land division, expect to see building permit applications within the next six to twelve months.

View of Parcel 1

Sanborn Map 1928, showing homes original address of 195 E 92nd Street N

View of Parcel 3