Well Water Mixed into Bull Run Supply

Update November 29th, 2022: Portland Returns to 100 percent Bull Run Water

After an unseasonably dry Fall, the Portland Water Bureau began blending water from the Columbia South Shore Well Field with the City’s Bull Run water supply. Although rain has returned to the region and some snowfall has accumulated on the mountain, managers of the water distribution system made the decision to supplement approximately 65 percent of groundwater into the watershed-sourced supply. This change occurred on October 13th and will take up to two weeks to reach all homes and businesses.

The Portland Water Bureau assures residents that Columbia South Shore Well Field water supply meets or surpasses all federal and state drinking water regulations. However, they make it a policy to notify the public when activating groundwater sources so sensitive water users can take precautions. Portland’s water supply serves almost a million people in the area, utilizing 53 tanks and reservoirs to store water for summer use. As the weather system trends towards hotter and dryer patterns, the Bureau’s investment in groundwater reserves will become an increasing resource in water delivery.

Sensitive water users can sign up at the Portland Water Bureau’s website to receive notifications regarding changes to the water system. Customers with questions should call the Water Line at 503-823-7525 and watch for updates to this article when Portland’s water system returns to 100 percent Bull Run watershed-sourced water.