Stormwater Pond at AutoZone

Stormwater management work is underway in the parking lot of the AutoZone Auto Parts store at 1710 SE 82nd Avenue. Heavy equipment is currently digging a 4,210 cubic-foot water retention pond in an undeveloped northeast corner of the property. It will connect with two existing drywells under the parking lot to alleviate ponding during intense rainfall events. A six-foot-tall black vinyl-coated chainlink barrier will surround the open-air water collection pit. Landscapers will plant additional trees and shrubs to obscure the fence from view.

This site features a large concrete parking lot that collects a substantial amount of rainwater. According to the permit applications, this owner-initiated project intends to resolve a ponding issue that sometimes occurs in the site’s parking area and maximize onsite disposal of storm runoff. The voluntary stormwater management upgrade will increase the efficiency of the site’s two existing drywells, constructed in 2011. Crews will also install one new catch basin to help remove water from the parking surface. This work will not reduce parking spaces for the retail store. However, throughout the project, crews may restrict access to portions of the parking lot. The auto parts store will remain open during construction.

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