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Obscured 11 Townhouse Development

A planned development at 2321 SE 89th Avenue will add eleven new townhouses behind an existing single-family residence. The Land Use Review application indicates the property could soon support twelve homes with the new two-story units tucked behind the original single-story house built-in 1927. A five-food-wide paved walkway would lead to the townhouses from the street.

Additional onsite parking does not appear to be part of the application. However, the property is located 500 feet from SE Division Street, where the new TriMet FX 2-Division bus service will offer fast and frequent transportation. SE 89th Avenue is also a bike-friendly street with speed bumps to maintain slower automotive traffic.

This project provides near maximum density to the property while retaining the nearly 100-year-old home. Although the new construction is not invisible from the street, the design works to obscure the new townhomes from sight and maintain the visual continuity for the neighbors. If the land use is approved, the developers will need to secure building permits. The permitting process can take months to complete. Consequentially, work may wait until winter or sometime in 2023.

3 Fourplex Apartments on SE 89th

In a nice change of pace, a development at 2321 SE 89th Ave does not plan to demolish the existing house on the lot. In the request for a Pre Application Conference, the developer noted that the Single Family Residence (SFR) would remain. “Planned development to create three new fourplex apartments (with existing SFR to remain) to create a total of 13 units on the lot.”

The developer submitted case number 20-120342-000-00-EA on 2/19/2020. As this is a pre-application conference, the final project is not finalized and could still fail to materialize or change significantly.

Other lots surrounding 2321 SE 89th Ave have been split over the years to add other houses or apartments. They are Flag lots that create a front and back lot with a long driveway along the side of the front lot, leading to the back.

The fact that they will build 13 units on one lot is a testament to how badly Portland needs to increase residential units.