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Dual Townhouses with ADU on NE 90th

Demolition of the structure at 311 NE 90th Ave will make way for two new townhouses. Each unit will include an attached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and a single-car garage. The homes will stand three-stories tall, making them the tallest residential buildings in the area.

Building permit applications 21-014741 and 21-014751 join the approved demolition permit 20-184208 for this project. Each new home will support an ADU, giving the future owners additional rental revenue or space for a multigenerational family. Being across the street from Columbia Christian School‘s playground, the new homes will be ideal for young families. However, NE 90th Ave currently lacks curbs and sidewalks, making pedestrians less safe. Potentially, this project could create a small segment of sidewalk around the corner lot, improving pedestrian access somewhat.

This development offers a great deal of housing density with limited impact on the neighborhood. Being positioned between NE Glisan and E Burnside Streets, it has access to two major bus lines and the Max line. Each home will provide one onsite parking space. ADU residents can use public transportation or park curbside. Look for construction to begin soon after demolition crews clear the existing structure.

Boarded up for Demolition

311 NE 90th Ave is now vacant and ready for demolition. Application 20-184208 seeks to demolish the existing single-family residence, currently boarded up. This work is ahead of development by the properties owner, Bridgetown Equity Construction.

The house is a one-story structure built in 1949 and offers no architectural significance to the neighborhood. Up until recently, it was a rental property for a single tenant. The property is across the street from the Columbia Christian School playground. This application is subject to a 35-day demo delay allowing people apposed to the demolition to file an appeal.

In June of this year, Bridgetown Equity Construction submitted Early Assistance request 20-154008. The proposed project would “develop the lots with attached single-family dwelling units.” These would likely be two common wall homes similar to those built on NE Everett Street, next door to this property.

Being a corner lot should allow for a creative common wall design at this site. Assuming it is allowed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, each house could face a different street. Different fronting would further separate the two structures and allow for independent front yards. Creative architectural elements could also mask each home’s size, making both look larger from the outside.

Regardless of what replaces the soon to be razed home, it should improve the neighborhood. Look for future articles detailing the new building or buildings that will soon occupy this location.