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House from Split Lot for Sale

A recently renovated house at 8115 SE Yamhill Street is for sale. Demolition of the garage at this location recently facilitated a property split, creating two distinct lots. A new fence bisects the old driveway and marks the new property line.

Listed by RareBird Real Estate, images of the completed house are available on Redfin. New windows and a completely refreshed interior revitalized this 1917 house. Five bedrooms and two bathrooms in the house offer ample interior space. A well-lit and functional unfinished basement sits below the two-story home. 

Development of the new vacant lot to the west will eventually obscure the old property line. Currently, the driveway and demolished garage’s foundation stands out at this site. However, many aspects of this project are well executed. This building’s rehab respected the structure of the 100-year-old home while making it modern and energy-efficient. It should provide a comfortable space for its future owners.

Fenced driveway
Driveway before the fence

Garage Razed on Yamhill

The garage located at 8115 SE Yamhill Street was demolished this week. A recent splitting of the lot into two parcels necessitated the removal of the structure. The garage straddled the new property-line, with the majority of the structure on the new property. A sale is pending on the now vacant lot to the west of the home.

Attached to the house by a breezeway, which was also removed, the garage was a substantial structure. However, demo permit 20-188105 noted that no plumbing fixtures were in the razed building. The house at this address has undergone renovations post its recent sale.

Glacier Properties bought the home in July of this year. Since that time, Crews have painted the building and removed an old oil tank. Other interior upgrades are suspected based on tradesperson vehicles seen onsite.

The home was built in 1917 and likely modified over the years. The recent updates to the home appear mostly cosmetic. This property will likely be listed for sale soon, with the development of the vacant lot next door starting in the coming months.

Garage prior to demolition

Garage Demo Leads to Lot Sale

A demolition permit at 8115 SE Yamhill Street makes way for a property split and sale. Permit number 20-188105 seeks to remove the attached garage connected by a breezeway to the 1917 house at this location.

Work is underway at the recently purchased home on Yamhill Street. Glacier Properties LLC bought this double-wide property in July of this year. Lot Confirmation 20-180814 started the process of splitting the property into two separate lots. The garage straddles the future property line between them and needs removal to facilitate separation.

The newly created empty lot is already for sale with a list price of $275,000. A note in the 40-foot by 100-foot lot’s listing states that “Garage demolition [is] in process.”

This undeveloped, standard-sized lot should attract mostly developers. However, a home buyer looking to build something custom could make use of this property. Double-lot sales followed by immediate property splits are becoming more common in Montavilla this year. This example on Yamhill Street is the fifth one in recent months. Look for the new property to be sold and developed soon.