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Empty Lot on NE 91st

716 NE 91st Ave is an undeveloped lot owned by Mate Skoro of Skoro Homes. It is the remaining undeveloped lot from Skoro Homes previous projects at that site. The five lots had once been the location of a 1940s erra home located at 720 NE 91st Ave. The lot was divided into five lots, 4 of which are fronted on NE Irving Street. The lots along NE Irving Street share two common-wall duplexes. Those two buildings were completed in early 2019.

9107, 9109, 9115, and 9117 NE Irving Street.

The original Early Assistance request was a “proposal for a 7-lot land division.” It is possible another Duplex or Triplex is destin for this location. However the lack of permit activity on this lot could indicate that the plans have changed.

Skoro did not respond to a request for comment. Without any activity on the site, and no proposals apparently in the works, anything could happen with this lot. Likely the developer wants to see how the housing market reacts to the predicted economic downturn. Perhaps the lot will be put up for sale or just sit empty, waiting for better times to come back to Portland.