Twin Houses Framed

Principle framing is nearing completion on mirror houses at 414 NE 76th Ave and 420 NE 76th Ave. The lot was split into two parcels back in December of last year. Construction has progressed quickly and these houses could be ready to sell this summer or sooner.

Each house will have a single car garage. The main Floor is primarily occupied by the kitchen and Great Room in an open configuration. A half-bath on the first floor sits just off the side of the kitchen.

Upstairs is a central family room with two standard bedrooms at the back. A shared bathroom and laundry room sit off the side of the family room. The master suite occupies over half the second floor at the front of the houses. The ensuite has a walk in closet, separate toilet room, and double vanities. There is also independent shower and bathtub facilities. The master bedroom widens at the front of the house to create a sitting room with access to the 22 sq ft front deck.

Making the houses mirror duplicates of each other is an interesting choice but should help to offset the skinny constraints of these buildings. The street facing roofline will utilize a Skillion and lean-to roof, to further project width that is lacking in these houses.

Overall, these are ideal family homes that create parental oasis near the children but with amenities to keep one comfortable in the master suite. The downstairs functions well as adult space for cooking and entertaining.

These houses are near perfect, mirror duplicates of each other. Hopefully the new neighbors will become friends, if only to be weirded out by visiting the other side of the looking glass.