Kimberly Apartments off Division

The Kimberly Apartments at 2441 SE 89th Ave will feature a “new 3 story, 12 unit apartment building.” The property is owned by 87th Division LLC, a limited liability company owned by Samson Cheung.

Samson Cheung also owns the adjoining property to either side, 2429 SE 89th Ave and 2455 SE 89th Ave.

2455 SE 89th Ave

Plans are not yet available for review but it is possible that the apartment building will occupy more than one lot. It is also possible that several similar buildings will be constructed by the same developer on each of the parcels he owns.

As of today there is little activity on the site, other than construction fencing surrounding both 2441 SE 89th Ave and 2455 SE 89th Ave. Samson Cheung and his company Palace Construction Corp. have their name attached to many other projects in the Portland area.

This is one of the many housing projects in the works on the SE Division edge of Montavilla. Quality housing here would be a positive addition to this part of Portland and further its economic growth.