House to Office Renovation

A 1907 era home, along the backside of an auto sales lot, is be converted to office space. 8124 SE Taylor Court‘s new tenant will be a business requiring reconfiguration and a change of occupancy. The 1,814 sq ft house was all set to properly start work when the city received a complaint.

On 2/14/2020 a permit request was submitted for the work “Convert residence to office – change of occupancy to B for new tenant. Demolish unpermitted covered storage on south side of building. Demolish interior walls on main floor. Add new walls to create offices, accessible restroom and break room on main. Upper to become office. No work in basement (storage). New driveway and curb cut on east margin of site.”

Just a week later on 2/21/2020 a complaint was received by the city for “exposed electrical wires, unpermitted basement occupancy.” Not the best way to start off on a project but unlikely to affect this property’s transforms to an office from a residence.

Although not listed on the permit, it would also be expected for the property to receive updates to landscaping and paint. The future tenant for this property is not yet know or if one has been signed. As Montavilla becomes more popular, we may start seeing commercial properties expand back further from main streets and into residential areas.