Long Lines at PDX Cookie CO. Opening

At the time of opening, the line had already stretched around the block. The opening day at PDX Cookie Co. was a success, and it was obvious just two hours in to the day. People had come from near and far to show support and buy their sweets. Some people came from as far as Seattle just for today. The line was slow moving but near all decided to wait it out, in true Portland fashion.

Many people waiting in line sent group representatives to get coffee to keep warm on the cold Saturday morning. The covering over the sidewalk along Stark Street, sheltered the line from rain. Once inside customers were greeted with warm air, sweet smells, and an exciting decor.

The staff were busy keeping the line moving and posing for photos from the excited crowd. Near every patron stopped just past the cash register to take a social media picture with their baked goods.

The mood in the store is still at its peak excitement for such a good start to the first day. Considering the crowds, things have started off better than they can have hoped for. Make sure you stop by in the coming days to say hello and welcome them to Montavilla.

PDX Cookie Co. owner and her boyfriend, opening day

Images from the opening day