Event Space on Glisan

A music focused event space is opening at 8014 NE Glisan Street. The location’s name, Natural Dizaztr, is now painted across the glass storefront. However, very little promotional material is available for the business. The companies website naturaldizaztr.com is not yet live and only shows an under construction message. Located next door to Montavilla Saloon, it is another in a growing number of new businesses filling out NE Glisan.

Natural Dizaztr’s Instagram displays the message “Happening soon; private dance parties, retail events, and children’s dance parties!” However, it looks as if the first events have already happened.

Posted in the windows of Natural Dizaztr are promotional flyers for an album “Nihilism Is Real.” Based on tags for the location on Instagram, the album’s creators recently had events there. A special album was created at one of those events, titled Live Nihilism At The Natural Dizaztr, and is available online.

Natural Dizaztr LLC is rather new, only just registered February 25th 2020. The company’s registration list Hazel Cox and Richard Madden as the principal owners of the LLC. It is possible Richard Madden is the legal name of Dee Madden, the performer of the first events.

It would be interesting to know more about Natural Dizaztr and how the space can be booked. In an email to the companies only posted contact, info@naturaldizaztr.com, we reached out to the owners for more information. As of yet we have not received a reply. However we look forward to bring you more information on this business when it becomes available.