Two Homes on One Lot

A year ago 713 NE 93rd Ave sold to Chalet Homes LLC when the lot was split off of 723 NE 93rd Ave. The new lot bumps out in the back, making both lots stubby L shaped. With 713 NE 93rd Ave wider in the back it can accommodating two houses on one property.

Both structures will have three floors. The front structure (Unit A) will have a single car garage, half bath, and bedroom on the first floor. The second floor has an open floorplan with the kitchen in the back and the great room in the front. Accessed from the great room, off the front of the house, will be a deck spanning the whole width of the house. There is also a half bath off the side of the kitchen. The top floor has two standard bedrooms and a 3/4 bathroom, at the front of the house. A small master bedroom is located at the back with an ensuite.

The back structure (Unit B) has its kitchen and great room room on the first floor. Similar to the front house, there is a half bath off to the left of the kitchen. The second floor contains two bedrooms and one full sized bathroom. The entire third floor is the master bedroom. It has an ensuite slightly larger than the bathroom on the second floor. There is also a walk in closet at the back and a small second closet at the front of the room.

Unlike many duplex opportunities, this arrangement provides a buffer by not sharing a commonwall. Both single family homes are small but creative in their use of space. This property could be a good rental investment, offering two houses worth of income on one property. Alternatively, this would also be ideal for a young family looking to get into a new home and have a built in income stream with a second unit. The number of stairs in these houses would not make it ideal for a multigenerational home, as some duplexes can be.