Back Lot Cannabis Extraction

Applications for a Cannabis Extraction facility highlight a change of use for a building along SE Stark Street. 8505 SE Stark Street has displayed the sign for Portland Hearing Aid Specialists for many years. It is a two story corner house, originally built in 1908. The building was converted to an office over 20 years ago. In the winter of 2014 it sold, and a few years later it quietly became a Marijuana manufacturing and production facility.

Although the Hearing Aid Specialists sign is still up, the phone number (503) 261-9309 on it has been disconnected. Perhaps leaving the sign up provides some urban camouflage of the building’s true use. The black chain link fence, with razor wire atop, should be enough indication that this is no longer a hearing aid provider.

The below permits seem to indicate business is growing at this location, and regardless of what signage is around, this is a very different business than others along SE Stark.

19-265045 – change of occupancy of existing building from S-1 TO F-1, and addition to existing building at NW corner of property for new cannabis extraction and post processing room. W/ 19-265047 MT

19-265047 – Make up air vent, add exhaust vent, add minisplit for addition to NW building for cannabis extraction. W/ 19-265045 CO.

19-184148 – Add new portions of walls and add (2) new door to create a vestibule providing separation from office 1st floor and apartment 2nd fl. Upgrade restroom to accessible restroom on ground floor and add new accessible ramp on front of building.