School Yard 6-Plex

A development adjacent to Vestal Elementary School has been proposed by Chalet Homes LLC. Permit 19-215818 calls for a “new 3 story, 6 unit apartment building, with trash enclosure less than 120 sq. Ft. Site work to include new walkway.” The new apartment building will be at 8050 NE Flanders Street and share the lot with the current single family home located at 8036 NE Flanders Street.

8036 NE Flanders Street built 1890

This Property is bordered by Vestal’s playground to South and Vestal’s parking lot to the East. The original house on the property was built in 1890 and will remain. A new walkway and trash enclosure will be added to the Northeast corner of the lot, replacing the driveway. The walkway will lead back to the new apartment building, along the Eastern edge of the property. The new building required a few appeals to alleviate fire control concerns around the Balconies and windows facing the other building.

Each of the three floors of the building will contain two apartments. All apartments will be two bedroom units with a full bathroom. Each unit will have its own Washer/Dry stack and indoor bike parking. The balconies on the second and third floors, face the Vestal parking lot. The First floor apartments have entrance via a covered porch below the balconies above.

View of Vestal from the Apartments

This project was submitted late last year and was last updated on March 5th. Once completed, it will provide needed housing alternatives to the area. The added visibility into the playground should help deter some of the unwanted activity that occasionally happens there at night.