Smoke Shop on Burnside

Sandy Smoke Shop is opening a second location on Burnside street, and the building is starting to look more inviting. The once steal doors at 8021 E Burnside Street, are now replaced with aluminum and glass. New vinyl signs, displaying the shops name, have been hung on multiple sides of the building.

The store opening date is not yet decided. The store owner said he is waiting for the State to open up again. With some government offices closed, he is currently unable to apply for the licenses needed to open. He went on to say, they are having trouble finding new employees to work at their stores.

Entry level positions have become difficult to fill for Sandy Smoke Shop. They start at minimum wage for new employees and interest has been low. “People are making more money staying at home on unemployment and with stimulus money.” Said the owner of Sandy Smoke Shop. He is hoping that there may be interest from Montavilla residents looking for work. Sandy Smoke Shop can be reached at (503) 849-4819.

This location has housed many businesses over the years, but few have been open to the public. This is an interesting change for this part of Burnside. If this retail location is successful, we could soon see more shops on Burnside.