Businesses Plan for a Safe Opening

On June 2nd, Montavilla East Tabor Business Association (METBA) held the second of four online business-owner meetups. During the evenings conversation, business owners and community members discussed how they plan to reopen. The presenter reviewed Oregon’s Statewide Guidance with attendees. Each participant then outlined what they are doing, or will do, as part of opening to the public.

Safety for staff and customers was the overwhelming theme surrounding reopening procedures. Each business had their own method for exceeding the minimum standards set-out in the Statewide Guidance. In those documents, masks for staff are required but optional for customers. However many business owners at the meetup said they are requiring masks for everyone who enters their business, customers included. This is to insure workplace safety for their staff and the safety of other customers.

While many business owners in Montavilla have an idea of how to safely open, some are not comfortable with opening yet. Two people, one representing a Montavilla church and the other who’s an owner of a co-working space, said they are keeping their spaces closed for the foreseeable future. For some businesses there is just not a safe way have face to face contact but they are developing online and outdoor options.

Pete Dills, METBA President, summarized the meetup in a few key ideas. The number one thing is to keep staff and customers safe. Keep businesses viable. Keep employees employed. Continue to offer products and services to Montavilla residents.

Dills went on to offer a message to the patrons of Montavilla, “Be patient with us.” For all the business owners, they are trying to figure out how this will work. There is no one procedure for all businesses and the processes will need to change as the situation changes. For questions about what stores are open, METBA encourages you to check their COVID-19 resource page.

METBA business owner meetups are Tuesdays from 7-8pm.  If you are a Montavilla or East Tabor business owner, you are encouraged to participate. Pleaser register to join the last two meetups. Participation is free and open to all business owners.