Further Adjustments of 7 NE 72nd

A project on the corner of NE 72nd Ave and E Burnside becomes more defined, thanks to new permit applications and a land use decision. New permits were filed last week as a condition of land use decision 19-227829. The text of the decision and supporting illustrations, show a flag lot configuration instead of a direct split.

In a previous article, it was observed that the new split lot would be prohibitively skinny. At the time of publishing, Portland Maps indicated that the land division would be parallel to E Burnside. However it looks like the current house will remain as the corner property. The new house will be fronted to the west of the existing house, along Burnside. Its driveway will come off the back of the lot to connect with NE 72nd Ave.

This orientation makes better use of the property than previously though, although the two buildings will still be unusually close to one another. It is noted in the land use decision that the existing house would have a roof overhang within 3 feet of the property line. That prompted the requirement for permit 20-148149 “Fire rate existing eave overhang on west end of dwelling structure. This permit fulfills requirements of condition c.3 of LU 19-227829.”

A less obvious requirement was triggered by the splitting of the lot. Portland has extensive rules around trees during development. The city required that trees be planted on the original property, or a fee would be collected. Permit application 20-148157 to “Plant 2 new Leland cypress trees to fulfill condition c.5 of LU 19-227829,” was submitted to plant trees instead of paying the fee.

Yet another permit was issues to complete work that was started 100 years ago. Permit 20-149271 was issued to “decommission [an] old cesspool” on the property. Historic plumbing records show the house was disconnected from the cesspool in June of 1920, and connected to the sewer system. The unused cesspool appears to have survived and needs to be removed.

Increase sidewalk size around both properties, is another benefit of the construction on this corner. Portland Bureau of Transportation will receive a 4-foot property dedication along both E Burnside and NE 72nd Ave. This extra space will be used for sidewalk improvements.

This is shaping up to be an attractive development on a visible street. It will save the 120 year-old building and provide new trees and sidewalks for the neighborhood. All that, in addition to adding more housing.