Improved Crossing on Glisan

UPDATE – An overhead pedestrian crossing indication system has been installed. This is different than other pedestrian crossings that are on NE Glisan. The light are not yet active but most of the structure is in place.

Originally posted April 17th 2020.

A small bit of infrastructure improvement will be coming to NE Glisan Street later this year. According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s blog, the pedestrian crossing will receive an upgrade.

NE 87th Avenue and Glisan Street Crossing Improvement. Location: NE 87th Avenue and Glisan Street. Scope: New rapid-flashing beacon. Status: Construction begins spring 2020. Budget: $350,000

The addition of the rapid-flashing beacon to this intersection, will bring this crosswalk into parity with the other improved crosswalks along Glisan. One at NE 78th Ave and the other near NE 65th Ave.