Coworking Space Consolidated

Collective Agency has moved out of its coworking space located at 7819 SE Stark Street. This was one of three locations for the Collective Agency, and the only one that has been permanently closed. Customers of the coworking space, called Members, will now have to relocate to another location.

All three locations have been closed during the statewide restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Alex Linsker, the owner of Collective Agency, is keeping the Member community engaged with outdoor meetups, Zoom calls, movie nights, and soon a July 4th barbecue..

Member movie night

With a tagline of Coworking Spaces with Cozy Community, being open during the age of social distancing was not an option for the small Montavilla space. The Montavilla location would have been the hardest location to reopen, and “the Montavilla community is the least tied to a physical space.” Said Linsker. Closing the Montavilla location resulted in only three Members leaving.

Starting in Phase 2 of Multnomah County’s reopening, Montavilla Members will be able to use the location at 3050 SE Division Street. The downtown location will also reopen at the same time as the Division Street location. However, they are looking to sublease the space soon.

Downtown location with new spaced out configuration

Linsker describes the Montavilla Members as being “very” support of the changes needing to be made by the Collective Agency. The consolidation of locations seems like a sound business decision. Alex Linsker is a proponent of Small in this Together and hopes for some relief for businesses affected by COVID-19 closures. Regardless of what assistance businesses receive, tough choices are required. This closure is a prime example of the tough decisions many business owners are making.

Montavilla location after closing