Cellphone Tower Upgrade Second Attempt

The T-Mobile Cellphone Tower, located on the Public Storage property at 1621 NE 71st Ave, will receive an upgrade. Work proposed in permit application 20-194224 will encompass some of the work proposed in February of this year.

Permit 20-120469 issued to towers managed Crown Castle on March 4th. However, the online records for the old permit are no longer accessible. Now, 20-194224 seems to be the replacement permit for the project.

In this next iteration of the upgrades, workers will replace three antennas and three remote radio units. Remove three Remote Radio Units and three Tower Mounted Amplifier radios. One FXFC radio will relocate from the ground to the tower. Six lines will be replaced by one cable with pendant and j-box.

In the ground level equipment room, they will replace a small cabinet in the existing H-frame. Workers will install two new cabinets replacing the three existing ones and upgrade support equipment in those cabinets.

Hopefully, this second attempt at upgrades will be successful. These work delays seem to have been put to constructive use, reengineering the project to make even more meaningful upgrades.