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Cell Service Upgrade at NACM Northwest

Upgrades are proposed for the wireless equipment mounted on the NACM Northwest building. Permit application 21-009397 seeks to replace older hardware with new transmitters and antennas. Positioned adjacent to I84, this cellphone site receives heavy use by passing motorists and nearby residents.

Located at 7931 NE Halsey Street, the project will install six new antennas and nine remote radio units on 12 foot-long pipe mounts. The demolition of nine older antennas, three remote radio units, and six tower-mounted amplifiers make room for the new equipment. Older power systems units inside the equipment enclosure will also receive upgrades.

While performing this network enhancement work, crews will install a “5G Growth Kit” at this site. As the new wireless standard arrives in Portland, infrastructure work like this will be curial to a successful rollout. Over the coming year, G5 related work will increase at existing sites and eventually at new locations. 

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Cell Tower Upgrade Along I205

Permit application 20-222655 is under review for a wireless tower located at 2248 SE 92nd Ave. The site, situated in the parking lot of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, is adjacent to the I205 Multi-use Path. Work will provide upgraded radio and transmission equipment.

The project will add three antennas and three remote radio units to the tower. One FXFB radio will be decommissioned. Within the ground-level shelter, equipment upgrades will take place inside existing cabinets. Running up the tower, workers will install two new cables with pendants and j-boxes.

Crown Castle maintains this tower and is the applicant on the permit. These upgrades will provide increased service at this point in the cellphone network.

PCC Cellphone Tower Upgrade

Upgrades are coming to a cellphone tower located on the main building’s rooftop at Portland Community College (PCC). Permit application 20-211707 describes the replacement of existing cellular communication equipment. This project is part of a batch of permits performing similar enhancements at other tower sites.

The permit seeks to remove eight antennas and replace them with six new antennas. Six new remote radio units are taking their place of three older units. Three new surge protectors take the place of older units. Twelve tower mounted amplifiers are coming off the building without replacement. A new fiber trunk data line is replacing older cabling. Three new DC trunks will replace six old ones.

This application proposes no increase in height, nor will residents see much change in tower appearance. This project is a standard equipment upgrade that will bring better service to cellphone users in the area.

Cellphone Tower Upgrade Second Attempt

The T-Mobile Cellphone Tower, located on the Public Storage property at 1621 NE 71st Ave, will receive an upgrade. Work proposed in permit application 20-194224 will encompass some of the work proposed in February of this year.

Permit 20-120469 issued to towers managed Crown Castle on March 4th. However, the online records for the old permit are no longer accessible. Now, 20-194224 seems to be the replacement permit for the project.

In this next iteration of the upgrades, workers will replace three antennas and three remote radio units. Remove three Remote Radio Units and three Tower Mounted Amplifier radios. One FXFC radio will relocate from the ground to the tower. Six lines will be replaced by one cable with pendant and j-box.

In the ground level equipment room, they will replace a small cabinet in the existing H-frame. Workers will install two new cabinets replacing the three existing ones and upgrade support equipment in those cabinets.

Hopefully, this second attempt at upgrades will be successful. These work delays seem to have been put to constructive use, reengineering the project to make even more meaningful upgrades.

Cellphone Tower Upgrade

Although not the most exciting addition to the neighborhood, infrastructure can be just as impactful as a new building. The Cellphone tower located on the Public Storage property at 1621 NE 71ST Ave is getting a $15,000 upgrade. The towers are managed by Crown Castle and service national and regional wireless carriers. The full text of the application is below.

Application Number 20-120469 – Personal wireless service facility – application #3 – Tower: Replace (3) antennas and (1) fiber line. Remove (3) additional antennas, (6) radios, (3) amplifiers, (1) covp, and (6) COA. Relocate (1) ground mounted radio on to the tower. Ground: update equipment in existing support cabinets.