342 NE 75th Finished and Sold

The house at 342 NE 75th Ave is complete and now pending sale. This infill home started principle construction five months ago and kept to a consistent work schedule.

Promotional pictures of the completed home show white walls and countertops to match the exterior paint color. Lightly stained hardwood floors extend through the open floor-plan’s main level. Many modern and bright finishes are used throughout the house.

At 1,796 square-feet on a standard lot, the property has a sizable and open back yard. It is located close to NE Glisan Street, across from the form TBN site.

Although somewhat modern in its appearance, this house matches the street’s character. The home’s proportions are at scale with the neighboring houses, and it seems well spaced between the other buildings. Based on its quick sale and final appearance, this seems to be a successful infill project.