Repaving NE Pacific Street

Tomorrow, roadwork begins that will disrupt local traffic on NE Pacific Street east of 82nd Ave. Crews will resurface parts of the roadway to repair damage caused by open trench sewer work. That work began in November of 2020 and is near complete.

This recent work is part of an extensive sewer repair and modernization effort in the area. The Montavilla North Sewer Repair is nearly complete, having started on July 12 of 2018. Parking along the street is prohibited from the 12th through the 15th. The roadway will likely be inaccessible by car for much of that construction window.

Open trench activity required the demolition of sidewalk segments and some driveways. Repair of the roadside walkway happened in the prior weeks. This road resurfacing may not be a complete replacement of the worn street, but it should be a welcomed improvement above and below the road surface. When finished, residents should enjoy the refreshed infrastructure on their block.

NE Pacific Street before repaving
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