Cell Service Upgrade at NACM Northwest

Upgrades are proposed for the wireless equipment mounted on the NACM Northwest building. Permit application 21-009397 seeks to replace older hardware with new transmitters and antennas. Positioned adjacent to I84, this cellphone site receives heavy use by passing motorists and nearby residents.

Located at 7931 NE Halsey Street, the project will install six new antennas and nine remote radio units on 12 foot-long pipe mounts. The demolition of nine older antennas, three remote radio units, and six tower-mounted amplifiers make room for the new equipment. Older power systems units inside the equipment enclosure will also receive upgrades.

While performing this network enhancement work, crews will install a “5G Growth Kit” at this site. As the new wireless standard arrives in Portland, infrastructure work like this will be curial to a successful rollout. Over the coming year, G5 related work will increase at existing sites and eventually at new locations. 

Article image courtesy of Google Maps