NE 80th House Becoming an Office

The house behind East Glisan Pizza Lounge is becoming an office. A recent permit for 510 NE 80th Ave calls for a change of occupancy from Residential to Business and some building alterations. The property last sold in November of 2019 to a group of four people.

Permit application 21-018436 will update the seismic stability of the structure and adjust the interior layout. Crews will relocate interior walls and doors to accommodate the new business. Installation of a new window located at the rear of the building is the only external alteration proposed.

The business planned for this location is unknown, and there are no external indications that the building is actively in-use. Repurposed houses can be a good fit for particular businesses. However, this property may need some street-side updates to accommodate walk-in customers. Keep an eye on this spot for a future near-Glisan business.