New Corner on 92nd and Market

Reconstruction of the first of four street corners at SE Market Street and 92nd Ave completed construction last week. The work is part of the East Portland Access to Employment and Education project that starts at this intersection and extends east to 130th Ave. Crews recently completed a nearby sidewalk infill as part of this project.

Portland Bureau of Transportation project plans shows alterations to all four corners at this intersection. However, this recently completed southwest street corner and ramps differ from the design documents. The southern ramp is located further down the street in alignment with the corner across SE 92nd Ave in those plans. The completed corner replicates the existing crosswalk access that is not aligned perpendicular to the curb. Crossings at 90-degree angles to the curb are important to sight-impaired pedestrians.

Image from EPAEE Detailed Plans. Courtesy PBOT

Any upgrade to this intersection is a vast improvement to existing conditions. However, the proposed street corners would create safer and more accessible crossings. Plans feature extended curbs to shorten crossing distance and increase pedestrian visibility, in addition to optimum crosswalk alignment. Ideally, the completed intersection will better match the proposed design.