Lux Lash on SE Stark

This month, Lux Lash and Beauty Bar opened in the red mini-mall located at 8838 SE Stark Street. Owner Donna Myer-Phimmasone, with the collaboration of Colleen St. John, brings near 30 years of combined lashing experience to the new business. The two full-time staff offer lash extensions, lash lifts and tints, and facial waxing.

The experienced staff can create precisely the look a customer wants. “It can range from just looking like they have naturally amazing lashes to super glamorous,” described Donna Myer-Phimmasone. However, the shop prioritizes the customer ahead of the product. Over many years working with people’s lashes, the pair have seen other lash artists become complacent. “When lashes are put on carelessly or when the client is wearing something too big or heavy for their lashes, it can cause long-term damage.” Lux Lash is committed to maintaining high standards so their clients can safely stay in lashes as long as they’d like without damage. “Our first concern is always going to be the long-term health and well-being of our client’s lashes,” explained Myer-Phimmasone. 

Image courtesy of Lux Lash and Beauty Bar

A licensed esthetician since 2012, Myer-Phimmasone has owned a shop before. However, the timing of that venture did not work out. Working with work Colleen St. John, they divide tasks based on each person’s strengths, creating a harmonious workplace build for success.

Donna Myer-Phimmasone always knew she would open a shop again but needed a fitting location for the business. “I had been looking for exactly the right location for a while and knew this was it as soon as I saw the listing. Montavilla was our first choice neighborhood, and everything lined up to make it happen.” The Stark Street mini-mall offers appropriately sized space for small groups while providing storefront visibility on a major road.

Lux Lash and Beauty Bar is open by appointment only. The building offers parking in front of the shop accesses from SE Stark Street. Clients can schedule an appointment online or by calling (503) 734-8549.