New Stop Signs Around 8800 Block of SE Pine

Recently, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) added stop signs to four intersections around the 8800 Block of SE Pine Street. The new traffic control signs feature dual high-visibility flags, halting traffic in either the north-south or east-west directions. Engineers alternated the stop sign directions to require any vehicle travailing through the area to stop once.

Thanks to these recent upgrades, vehicles using SE 88th and 89th avenues between E Burnside and Stark Streets will need to stop and yell to cross traffic. Similarly, Vehicles driving on SE Ankeny Street or SE Pine Street will need to stop at SE 89th Avenue or SE 88th Avenue. This traffic calming technique provides a clear right-of-way at these formally uncontrolled intersections and encourages motorists to slow down.

SE 88th Avenue at Ankeny Street

This section of SE Portland has many substandard roadways. The Streets forming the four newly upgrade intersections all lack sidewalks, and most do not have curbs. One street is an unimproved gravel road. Consequently, pedestrians need to walk on the street, and vehicles and people intermix. The new stop signs should interrupt the fast traffic flow through these streets and alleviate conflicts caused by uncontrolled crossings.

SE 89th Avenue at Pine Street

PBOT crews have gradually upgraded uncontrolled intersections throughout Portland as crash data and reports from residents indicate a need. East Portland has many under-improved roads that lack basic signage. As congestion on arterial roads pushes car traffic onto neighborhood streets, traffic-calming measures like stop signs can help keep the roads safe for pedestrians. Drivers of this area should use caution as motorists become accustomed to the new traffic flow.

SE Pine Street at 88th Avenue