82nd Ave Pawn Shop Becoming Pot Dispensary

The Hawker’s Locker at 933 NE 82nd Avenue will become Chronix Dispensary early next year. One of the long-time property owners, Patrick Butler, has joined forces with cannabis veteran David Schwimmer forming Greenmonkey LLC operating as Chronix Dispensary in this location. Crews are actively building a new storefront, upgrading the exterior, and creating a new look for the shop.

David Schwimmer lives on the East Coast but has family ties to Portland. He was impressed with Portland’s culture, finding it a “cool town and a fun place to visit.” In 2017, he opened Ivy Cannabis with his son Matthew Schwimmer. That company operated a retail marijuana store at 11850 N Center Avenue until they sold to Wild West Emporium last year. David Schwimmer still owns the Hayden Island building that previously housed his store and now rents it to Wild West Emporium.

Allen Grieser ran Hawker’s Locker for many years at this location and jointly owned the building with Patrick Butler. According to David Schwimmer, he is in the process of buying Grieser’s stake in the property. However, ahead of that transfer, the new team of Schwimmer and Butler is busily transforming the space. “We’re planning on going with a kind of Jimmy Buffett or an island relaxed state cool vibe,” said Schwimmer. They are entirely reworking the interior and rebuilding restrooms inside the 3,500-square-foot storefront. The building will receive new exterior siding, and they intend to replace the chainlink fence with something more inviting. “Our plan is to take [the fence] down and put more of an ornamental one up but still protecting [the building] to some extent. Although we haven’t settled on what type. That’s one of the things that’s gonna be going in at the end.” Said Schwimmer.

David Schwimmer noted that the large parking lot has opportunities to support complementary businesses. If allowed by licensing requirements, the dispensary owners intend to provide space for outdoor dining next to the shop. “There’s some plans to do some other things with food venues or something to attract people. There’s space there to set up some food carts,” explained Schwimmer.

Look for continued construction at the property on NE 82nd Avenue over the next two months, with store branding appearing closer to opening. The owners anticipate greeting customers early in 2023 but acknowledge that delays happen, and they will have a more firm date after the project progresses further.

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