Apartments Replacing Cinderblock House on SE 80th

The cinderblock home at 235 SE 80th Avenue is boarded up and fenced off, awaiting demolition. After crews remove the 1949-era single-family residence, the new property owners will construct a three-story apartment building. The new structure will support 11 units of housing. Eleay Properties bought the house in 2019 and started the permitting process to build the multifamily development. Tenants, who have occupied the property since its purchase, have moved out ahead of the impending work.

In addition to the new housing, the developer will plant a new street tree and construct a carriage walk – a small cement path in the furnishing zone that bridges the planted gap between the sidewalk and curb, allowing people to exit a vehicle without stepping on the grass. An Early Assistance application for the project scoped 12 units and seven parking spaces. However, the submitted permit application text does not mention parking and proposes one less apartment. Expect to see demolition occur in the early part of the year.

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