Injury Attorney Moves Practice to Montavilla

An injury attorney recently moved his law practice into the former Hand Therapy Specialists building at 300 SE 80th AvenueChristopher T. Hill purchased the building last December and relocated his offices from Downtown Portland into this single-story building. The property only required new interior paint and carpets to host this business, but future upgrades will create additional private office space for prospective tenants.

This business’s move out of the City Center was years in the making, driven by Hill’s desire for a practice closet to his South Tabor home and to provide a more convenient location. “I wanted to move my office to the East Side for a while. That was partly to shorten my commute, and so clients can avoid the hassle of going downtown for a meeting,” said Hill. The search for a property spanned the East Side. However, the SE 80th Avenue location best fits the law office’s needs with an affordable price and space to support income from leasing offices to other legal service providers. Its proximity to the Historic Montavilla Town also appealed to Hill, who frequents the shops in the area. “I’m happy to be in the neighborhood. Montavilla has always seemed like a neighborhood with a sense of place and a unique identity,” remarked Hill.

Interior 300 SE 80th Ave with new paint and carpet, image courtesy Christopher T. Hill

Although initially built as a medical office in 1948, this is not the first law office at this location, according to Hill. “I discovered through the purchase process that a friend of mine, Kathleen O’Brien, who’s also a lawyer, had the building.” O’Brien sold the building to the owners of Hand Therapy Specialists in 2002, who worked from the building for nearly 20 years before selling the business and building.

Christopher T. Hill specializes in injury law with the aid of a paralegal. “I work on injury and insurance cases. That’s mostly car crashes. I’m a plaintiff’s side lawyer. I represent the folks who were injured and typically work on a contingent fee,” explained Hill. “I would not wish the need for my services on anybody, but bad things do happen, and I help people get compensation for bad stuff that happened to them. I help a lot of people out with solutions that they don’t necessarily see with injury claims, getting the medical bills, lost wages, or the property damage paid.”

Christopher T. Hill, image courtesy Christopher T. Hill

Hill does not take on other types of legal work. Instead, he has focused the last 20 years of his career on injury law. He feels that makes him a skilled advocate for his clients during a uniquely challenging time in their lives. “I work to understand how injuries affect people and why it’s important to them, and that’s just to make sure that I can authentically communicate those impacts to judges, juries, adjusters, and whoever needs to know.”

After construction crews create the additional office space, Hill expects to rent to other attorneys with different areas of expertise. Until then, he can help direct people to the appropriate legal council if he is not the best person to assist. Look for new signs advertising the law office in the coming months, and if you have a legal need, reach out to Christopher T. Hill through the website or by calling 503-227-4330.

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