Trio of Dilapidated Houses on SE 92nd

Demolition crews will soon raze three dilapidated and boarded-up houses along SE 92nd Avenue near SE Division Street. The Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Portland purchased 2320 SE 92nd Avenue2328 SE 92nd Avenue, and 2340 SE 92nd Avenue between 2007 and 2013. Those properties became vacant four years ago, with one recently suffering fire damage.

2320 SE 92nd Avenue

Each home sits on an expansive 56 by 368-foot lot, together representing a 1.4-acre property. The area is zoned Residential Multi-Dwelling 1 (RM1). It supports low-scale multi-dwelling developments up to three stories tall and setback from the sidewalk, similar to other residential structures around it. The houses are under a 35-day demolition delay to permit public comment. City staff will approve the permit applications sometime after March 22nd, 2023.

Aerial view from Portland Maps showing the three large lots

The Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church owns an adjacent site of similar size to the north, where they operate the Grace Lutheran School and preschool. Church staff fenced off the back portion of the three homes and created a grassy field available to the students. When cleared of homes, the front section of the properties may also become an open field until the faith organization determines a future use. Church leaders were not available to discuss plans for these properties.

2328 SE 92nd Avenue

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