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Construction Update on Twin Houses

As expected, both 1430 NE 72nd Ave and 285 SE 90th Ave are nearing completion simultaneously. Property owner Scot Harger chose to build identical houses in different sections of Montavilla. Each uses plan sets from Thogerson Designs, with minor adjustments for the specific lots.

Building duplicate houses is standard practice in subdivisions and newer neighborhoods, but they are often near each other. Being nearly two miles apart, the sale of these buildings could yield information regarding area real-estate. SE 90th Ave is an unimproved road and east of 82nd Ave. NE 72nd Ave is in an older road with sidewalks and paved streets but further from Montavilla’s core. Both locations have benefits and detractors. What is not know is how those combinations of attributes will affect the sale price for the homes.

Keep an eye on the listings for both houses. Their list price and subsequent sale price could provide interesting data on Portland’s housing market and more information on what homebuyers value.

Spacious House Construction on 72nd

UPDATED – Construction progress pictures added. Original Story from September 22nd, 2020

A new three-level house, located at 1430 NE 72nd Ave, is under construction. In what will likely become the largest house on the block, this five-bedroom house will have around 2,500 square feet of living space.

The driveway to this new home slopes down to a tuck-under garage. Inside, to the left of the garage is a hallway leading to the stairway up to the main floor. Off the hallway is a door to the lower level living area. Rooms on this floor have labels such as a recreation room, wet bar, and bedroom five. However, this area is essentially a separate one-bedroom apartment, with a private full bathroom, washer/dryer, and exterior entrance.

The main floor is several feet above the street-level, requiring a flight of stairs to get up to the covered front porch. The porch extends two-thirds the width of the house, stopping at the garage door. Inside the front door, there is an L shaped stairway leading upstairs. To the right is the Great Room with a fireplace on the south wall. In the back right corner of the room is a Dining area. Although it is not walled off, the Dining area has 6-inch by 6-inch posts defining the room’s corners. A box beam ceiling further defines the space. A substantial 10-foot wide sliding glass door opens from the Dining area onto a fourteen by ten foot raised back deck.

To the left of the Dining area is the Kitchen, arranged in an L shape. Creating the boundary to the Kitchen is a large island with bar seating. The half bathroom sits in the back right corner of the main floor. Enclosed by double glass doors, bedroom four is on the front left side of the main floor. It is ideal for a home office instead of a bedroom, but has a closet and counts towards bedrooms.

The top floor has two standard sized bedrooms on the left side. They share a full bathroom located at the top of the stairs. A laundry room is off to the right of the stairway. The master suite occupies the right half of the top floor. The bedroom portion is fourteen feet square and is topped by a tray ceiling. Beyond the bedroom is a double vanity on one side and soaking tub on the other. The ensuite area extends back further to include a toilet room, shower, and a large walk-in closet.

In some ways, this large modern craftsman home attempts to blend into the neighborhood through architecture. It features a hip-roof, decorative dormer window, and other attributes to match the neighborhood’s aesthetic. However, its size will make it a unique fixture on the street. It looks to be an impressive house with a high-end home buyer in mind.

Undeveloped Lot to Receive Home.

A new single family residence at 1430 NE 72nd Ave has been approved. The proposal calls for a three story detached house with a one car garage. The location is a rare full sized lot that has remained undeveloped. It sits overgrown with old trees around its perimeter.

The property last sold for $158,000.00 on July 19th, 2019 to Scot Harger. Robert Anderson, the previous property owner, sought Early Assistance for the development of this lot. That application used the former address of 1424 NE 72nd Ave when it was submitted in September of 2018, almost a year before the land sold.

Michael Vaughn, of Urban Revival LLC, is the Applicant on both the Early Assistance and the building permits. Michael Vaughn is a Real Estate Broker with Paramount Realtors LLC and General Contractor through Urban Revival LLC. His general contractor company is a prolific developer in the Portland area, with several projects in Montavilla.

The plans for this home are not yet available for review. There are many choices when it comes to developing a lot like this one. Will the developer keep the trees and some of the topography or elect to grade the whole lot?We will follow this property’s prograss when construction begins.