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Public Support Needed for NE Glisan Businesses

Several NE Glisan businesses seek community support to keep their doors open in a challenging economy. Mudd Works Roastery at 6922 NE Glisan Street started a GoFundMe campaign last month to bridge the gap caused by revenue shortfalls. After health issues and nearly two years of limited operations during the pandemic, the coffee house needs an infusion of money to make it another season. Hinterland at 7112 NE Glisan Street is also looking to make up for slower sales. Instead of fundraising, they created the Forever Feral 2022 Calendar to bolster income.

Mudd Works Roastery’s GoFundMe efforts began at the start of November. Winter is a notoriously slow season for the coffee company, and without the cash reserves from the previous months, continuing operations will be challenging. 

I am not one to ask for help too often but my life recently changed as I contracted COVID-19 for the second time. Luckily, I have some very great friends who have stepped up to keep things going while I focus on getting better. Mudd Works has been getting by for the last year and a half. But with the colder months and the ever-present COVID-19, we are suffering financially. This is the time of year where we typically see a drop in sales. But with people going out less and spending less due to the pandemic, sales are down. With sales going down in the past year and our expenses rising, it’s been a struggle. Despite it all, we’ve managed to stay open half days at one of our locations to provide fuel for our loyal patrons. Our issue in the simplest of terms is a lack of capital and customers. we thought a GoFundMe appeal seemed like the best option to raise money, share our story, and connect with those who care about small businesses. I know I’m not alone in this story of struggle. I’m sure I will be one of the many voices this season experiencing a similar situation. It’s not lost on me that so many in my industry and folks at home are only just getting by financially. Making this a lot harder to ask for help. I ask this, give until it feels good. That giving may look like a donation or it may be a reposting to your social media pages or even kind words of support. Any and all forms of giving have an impact. Donations will be used for rent and utilities, labor costs and inventory for coffee roasting and the bakery/cafe.

Mudd Works Roastery’s GoFundMe campaign page

The Hinterland Forever Feral 2022 Calendar celebrities the spirit of the store’s brand in pictures. The content of the calendar may not suit everyone’s style. However, they have many other products that can express the same powerful messages the company is known for. Of course, there is always coffee for sale at Hinterland, and every purchase helps.

The first (annual?) Hinterland calendar is here and it’s wild. This print run is super limited (it’s almost 2022 after all!). Grab one for yourself, share with your friends via social media: it all helps! I have to be honest with you all: while we’re having fun and making the best of things these days…shit is wildly tenuous with us and other small businesses. This holiday season will be a make-or-break for many small businesses and I hope you think of us when you’re sourcing coffee or cozies (or in this case saucy calendars). If you value what Hinterland brings to your lives–and what we bring the towns our brick and mortars reside in–please continue to support us. This calendar is probably not ideal for youngsters–but you decide. All photographs were taken by Kait Di Angeles in Portland, OR.

Hinterland December 1st email newsletter

Other restaurants on the street have also started less public GoFundMe campaigns, looking for customer assistance while circumstances force limited operation. The neighborhood businesses seeking support all recognize that they are not alone. Almost any small business in Montavilla needs more customers this season. However, these businesses are looking for extra consideration from the community and would be grateful for the added income to survive a difficult time.