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Copper Moon Vintage Opening on SE Stark

Next month, Copper Moon Vintage Mercantile will open in the former Cactus Vintage & Consignment storefront at 7910 SE Stark Street. Owner Meg O’Brien spent the last two years selling vintage clothing online, gradually growing her business towards this retail expansion. Work is underway updating the interior ahead of an expected December 1st opening.

The store will sell 1970s and older clothing, focusing on antique garments from the early 20th century. O’Brien tends to lean towards simple, rustic pieces demonstrating the maker’s craftsmanship. That appreciation of skilled artistry will extend to a selection of consignment vendors who will have space in the shop. Those contemporary items will complement the vintage articles on display. Old vintage furniture and a mid-century record player will allow visitors to linger in the shop and take in the collection. A selection of vinyl recordings, some for sale, will fill the air as people shop or lounge.

Although this is the first dedicated home for Copper Moon Vintage, O’Brien explained that they have other retail locations. “A year ago, I started selling in a couple of curated vintage stores in town. Currently, I have a booth at Program Shop on Division, and I also have a booth in Red Fox on Woodstock,” said O’Brien. Those spaces are customized stores with a store, but at around 50 square feet, there is limited growth potential. Feeling the constraints of the booths, O’Brien began searching for a storefront location in August.

Initially, the affordable rent and a cooperative realtor attracted O’Brien to the Stark Street shop. However, the neighborhood and community quickly reaffirmed the choice. “I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the location, and it really couldn’t have been a better decision,” said O’Brien. The shop is in an active part of Stark street near the center of the historic downtown area. Copper Moon Vintage joins two other recent additions to the developing Montavilla vintage community, all located within a few blocks of each other. “I’ve actually followed Wink Vintage on Instagram, and I met them recently, and they’re really cool. I admire what they do,” commented O’Brien. “I recently checked out BoneJax, and I happen to know the owner from when he worked at Lounge Lizards. I’m kind of really excited to be a part of this new little vintage hub.”

Work is still underway at 7910 SE Stark, and delays could push the December 1st date back by a few weeks. However, the 900-square-foot shop was in good shape and only needed a new floor. O’Brien chipped up all the dated floor tiles and will soon polish and seal the concrete. The walls will remain white with old barn wood providing color and texture to the space. Even after the store opens, O’Brien said she intends to keep the other booth locations open. “I figure it’s kind of nice to have a little bit of an outpost in different parts of town to attract more customers and also maybe help drive some traffic to Montavilla.”

O’Brien already has a store’s worth of items ready to fill the shelves. When open, the store hours will run from noon to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. Follow the company’s Instagram for details on an official opening date.

Images courtesy Copper Moon Vintage

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Cactus closes on Stark Street, New Business Opening

On December 31st, Cactus Vintage & Consignment staff packed up the shop located at 7910 SE Stark Street. The store opened in this space in February of 2015 as the combined effort of three friends bringing their separate businesses together. At the end of the lease, the last remaining owner opted to end the store’s seven-year span and focus on family and a simplified worklife.

Cactus began when Adrienne Seely of Autopilot Empires Jewelry joined John Healy of Cactus Records and Sonya Petroff of Yours Vintage in a combined store. The partners sold a unique combination of goods from the space and became a frequented shop along Stark Street for three years. John Healy and Adrienne Seely left the business at the end of 2017. Sonya Petroff managed the shop for the remaining four years on her own while maintaining a second job at Trader Joe’s.

The lease on the storefront expired at the end of 2021. Changes in Petroff’s life and general issues over the last few years made continuing to run the store less appealing. “I had quite a load, and with Covid and the rise of crime decided to call it quits. I’m grateful to have reached my goal of paying off my debts and now concentrate on one sustainable job only and raising my nephew,” explained Petroff. 

Although her years of working in the neighborhood are ending, Petroff maintains a fondness for the community. “I love Montavilla and hope to keep some of my connections and, of course, visit as well.” The 900 square foot 1928 storefront will soon become home to another business. Donald Hanna of the Real Estate company Hanna Network represents the building and confirmed that the storefront is unavailable. “We already have a new tenant for it. I can’t reveal yet, but I think the community with be very happy,” said Hanna.

Look for 7910 SE Stark Street to become active as the new shop owners work to create a space fitting for their business.

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