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Parking Plazas on Stark

As Montavilla restaurants and bars continue to reopen, Parking Plazas are now appearing on SE Stark Street. Businesses are converting parking spaces to extensions of their regular indoor seating.

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) offers Healthy Businesses permits, enabling the closure of curbside parking and streets. These spaces allow business to distance customers from one-another, without sacrificing too much seating. Plazas like these are part of the PBOT Safe Streets Initiative and the hope is it will be a safer way to visit local businesses.

Vino Veritas, at 7835 SE Stark Street, was the first along Stark Street to open their Parking Plaza. Vino Veritas is a wine bar with a select offering of food items. Between 4PM and 9:30PM, the Parking Plaza is decorated with colorful umbrellas. They provide shade over a handful of tables, that are placed within the wine barrel parameter.

Redwood restaurant will open their Parking Plaza Wednesday, June 24th. This is the first day since the COVID-19 closure, that Redwood has opened for dine in and take out. Redwoods’ Parking Plaza is the most elaborate in Montavilla to date. They have constructed a double sided Shadow Box fence around the area, where others have just used rope or chain. Redwood is located at 7915 SE Stark Street.

Each business is using Parking Plaza in a method that matched their business. Threshold Brewing & Blending has their own take on a Parking Plazas, just around the corner from these two. While the weather is nice, these should be a good aid to deal with the challenges of reopening. Patrons can already be spotted making use of these outdoor venues, to the relief of many business owners.

Redwood Opening June 24th – UPDATED

UPDATE – Redwood restaurant has decided to push back their opining until Wednesday Jun 24th. Jessie Hawkins, Front of the House Manager at Redwood, informed Montavilla News about the change. In a text message she wrote “The numbers were not looking good so we hesitated to prep a bunch of food before we knew for sure.”

This echoes the choices many restaurant owners have made recently. With last week’s delay in entering Phase 1, many chose to wait and see if Multnomah County would be delayed again. Today, Governor Kate Brown announced we can enter Phase 1 this Friday but for many that assurance came too late.

  • Original Post from June 12th

Redwood is scheduled to reopen Friday June 19th. Originally staff planned to open the restaurant on the 17th but that’s “currently not possible.” Said Jessie Hawkins, Front of the House Manager at Redwood. Hawkins explained that the date could change again, depending on whether Governor Kate Brown gives approval for Multnomah County’s Phase 1 reopening.

Redwood, like many local restaurants and bars, had to adjust their plans. Thursday evening Governor Brown announced a week long pause to Oregon’s phased reopening. This last minute change caught businesses off guard, some planning on opining the next day. Many hope that this will only be a seven day long delay and not a prolonged wait to enter Phase 1.

Redwood is located at 7915 SE Stark Street, in the center of Montavilla Town. They offer brunch and dinner from Chef Susie Blue and drinks of all types, at their bar.